Monday, June 18, 2012

Murals, Transportation and Mermaids.

Here are some random photos I took recently:

    Recently I watched an interesting movie. It is called 'Mermaid' or "Rusalka." I found it while rummaging the libraries video collection and decided to check it out because on the back it was described as 'the Russian Amelie." Well, I love the movie Amelie and I also think Russia is a very interesting country so I decided to check the movie out. I can definitely see why it was compared to Amelie. Both movies are about quirky and introverted young women with a unique and whimsical world view. The oddness of both characters is part of what makes them lovable. Both movies also have a distinct and artistic aesthetic. 'Mermaid' was definitely drearier than "Amelie.' I really enjoyed watching 'Mermaid' because I liked the character (Alice or Alica depending if you trust the subtitles are the character when she speaks her name.) She is smart and introspective and curious. 'Mermaid' was loosely based on the old Hans Christian Anderson tale 'The Little Mermaid." When I was a kid, the Disney version of this tale was one of my favorite movies. But, as often is the case with Disney movies, the source material is a lot more depressing than the cheery, song filled movie.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Amazing photos as always. Have you ever used Instagram?

Amber said...

Thanks! It's funny that you ask because this weekend a friend was telling me how much she likes instagram and encouraging me to use it. I set up an account a couple of months ago but after taking a handful of pictures with it, I forgot about it. After my friends rave review I think I will start using it more. I like all of their photo editing options. Do you use instagram?