Sunday, June 3, 2012

Meadowdale Beach and More Bus Stories

    Here are some pictures I took recently at Meadowdale beach. It is a very lovely hike/stroll and I enjoy admiring the greenery. Speaking of colors, I listened to the most interesting episode of Radiolab recently. It was all about colors!

    A couple of posts ago I talked about one of my bus stories. Well, today on the bus I saw more interesting things!

    First, a man in golden, robotic looking armor. I was to shy to ask him for a picture, but while his back was turned a I got this one:

    The picture doesn't do the costume justice. It was far more shiny in person. Also, more impressive because I was able to admire his costume from shoulders to toes.  He also a large cart with him full of more golden supplies. I noticed his head gear on the cart and also a stool painted gold. Maybe he was a golden Iron Man for a party? Maybe he is an actor on the way to his play? or... maybe he is an amateur super hero out to patrol the streets of Seattle!

    On my bus ride home I had the pleasure of riding along with this dog sitting in front of me:

    Occupying the two seats on the opposite side of this duo were another man with a similiar looking dog. The second dog was gray though. The two dogs and two men were all friends. They were merrily chatting throughout the whole bus ride and they got off together at their bus stop. My guess is the men were childhood friends who drifted apart. They both retired early and decided they needed to occupy their new found free time. So they both joined the local 'Dog Appreciation Club.' They saw each other while at the snack table and thought, 'That guy looks familiar.' After realizing they were each others long lost friends, they restarted their friendship and are once again the best of friends, not counting the traditional best friend of man, their dogs.
  All of this reminds me of my very first bus story which happened shortly after moving to Seattle. I was waiting at the stop and there was a man with long gray hair and a motorcycle jacket waiting near me. He was cradling something wrapped in a baby blanket. The blanket was blue with yellow stars. The man leaned close to the bundle and cooed and whispered comforting words. I though that the blanket contained either a puppy or a baby. We got on the bus and it was very full, but I got a seat right behind the man and his bundle. By tilting my head slightly to the right I could see right into his lap where he cradled his bundle. It wasn't a baby or a puppy! It was a large and cranky appearing iguana.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the vividness of the green in those photos towards the top of the blog is the most beautiful color in my opinion!

brian said...

awesome ahve a really good eye
have an awesome day and dont forget to smile

Amber said...

Keith- I love green too especially when it is the green of trees and plants.

Brian- Thanks so much! I love bringing my camera with me everywhere.