Saturday, June 23, 2012

Helena and Rover View the World From The Beak Of A Pelican

   Helena and her seal Rover have a great love for sea-air and travel.  The two friends met years ago when Helena was on holiday in Dover. Helena grew up in the Arizona desert and it was not until she turned 19 that she finally visited the sea. She fell immediately in love with the waves and the water and the salty air. If she could spend everyday with sand between her toes and waves swirling around her ankles, she would be happy. No longer could Helena spend her life land locked and water starved. Instead, she would travel to every seashore town in the world. Helena easily developed a great love for travel, but her love was burdened by two things: the expense of transportation and the solitude. First she met Rover, who wanted to experience the joy of swimming in new seas. Rover eagerly agreed to be Helena's traveling companion. But of course, traveling with a seal made transportation even more expensive. Luckily they met a gigantic pelican who agreed to escort Helena and Rover from seashore to seashore. The traveling companions get along swimmingly except for one argument. The pelican insists Helena and Rover are especially small but Rover and Helena insist the pelican is oddly enormous. 

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