Thursday, June 7, 2012


    It has been raining so much lately. At one point today, while I was outside, it started pouring until I was completely soaked as if I had just gone swimming in my clothes. I keep telling myself  "June showers bring July flowers."
    I recently read about a study that said having a house plant or a bouquet of flowers in your house can lead to more creativity. It has to with having a connection to the natural world leading to feeling more a peace and thus leading to increased bouts of productive creativity. I believe it! Plus, it is always nice to have an excuse to have more house plants are flowers. Here are a bunch of flower pictures I have taken lately.

    I grew up in California and was told that it was illegal to pick the California Poppy because it is the state flower. I don’t know if this is really a law or not, but many of my Californian friends who grew up in  different parts of the state than I did were told the same thing. They are very beautiful flowers and it can be difficult to resist picking them. But when I was little I thought breaking any law meant the perpetrator would automatically be carted off to jail. So, I abstained from poppy picking. That is until I moved to Seattle. They grow quite abundantly here and I see them often in abandoned lots or popping up between cracks in sidewalks. Sometimes I’ll pick them for miniature bouquets for my house. But even though I am not in California, for a split second as I reach down to pick the poppy, I feel like I’m breaking the law.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Isn't it amazing and wonderful how many brght colors that can be made even brighter and livelier by the rain?

Amber said...

Ha ha... yes. I'll think about that next time I'm feeling grumpy that it is raining so much in June.

Anne M.V. said...

I was asking Joe if it was really illegal to pick poppys. He didn't know :P

Amber said...

Hi Anne! It seems like kind of a silly law if it is true.. but boy did I believe it when I was little! Do you remember being told it was illegal?
P.S. I am really excited that you and Joe are visiting later this summer!