Monday, June 25, 2012

Adelaide And The Smoke Man Meet For a Secret Rendezvous On The Roof So They Can Dance

Here is a new illustration I finished recently. It is15x 20 inches and painted with gouache.

   Adelaide is a free spirit, especially when it comes to dating. She is still young and not looking for a serious relationship. Instead she wants to have carefree adventures that involve a lot of laughter.  The problem is that boys theses days do not know how to dance!  Adelaide has a great love for dance, especially formal couple dancing like the waltz or ballroom dancing. But every boy she dates is clumsy and awkward. She means to keep her cool but Adelaide can not help but to feel constantly frusterated when she attempts to engage a date in a dance.
   One evening after a date with a particularly klutzy  boy with two left feet and rubbery limbs,  she climbed to the roof of her home. She went up there with the pretense of watching the lunar eclipse, but really she wanted some alone time to think about life. This was when she met the ever so charming and handsome Smoke Man. Adelaide was staring toward the sky when she heard a man clear his throat. "My lady, would you care to join me in a dance." Smoke Man asked with the perfect mixture of humbleness and confidence. Adelaide stared mouth ajar for only a moment before answering with perfect poise "Why yes, I'd be delighted!" Now every evening Adelaide sneaks to the roof to dance with the smoke man. They dance until the fire simmers down and the smoke man disperses into the air. Adelaide is dreading summer when fires in the fire place will no longer be necessary. She plans to attend many a beach bonfire in hopes that she will once again meet the amazing smoke man.


Sandra Eterovic said...

I used to spend much of my childhood days on the roof of our suburban home, partly in an attempt to get away from my family. Unfortunately I never got to dance with a smoke man, probably because we didn't have a chimney.

Amber said...

It was definitely the lack of chimney.... Otherwise you would have surely met a smoke man! When I was little I always wanted to hang out on my roof, but there was no easy access. It was the type of thing I imagined kids in books doing. I bet you had a lot of fun up there on your roof!