Sunday, May 27, 2012

Socks... Where Are You?

Here are three funny signs I have seen recently.  All of them were at the same marina.

    What...! no emus? What sort of world do we live in when no emus are allowed? My guess is that this sign was posted after someone brought their pet emu to their boat. The emu got loose and bounded around the docks, causing havoc while squawking loudly and obnoxiously. When the harbor master confronted the emu owner, they protested saying that pets were indeed allowed at the docks. So the harbor master decided he needed to be more specific. While cats and dogs are acceptable pets to bring to the marina, emus are not okay. The indignant emu owner decided he would moor his boat elsewhere and left in a huff.

    Socks... where are you? I think that someone lost their pet cat (because cats are allowed) Socks and made a sign in hopes of finding their missing feline. Either they are overly optimistic about their cats ability to understand written English and use the phone or maybe Socks is a well known cat on the docks. Every boat owner on the dock is accustomed to seeing little socks prance around. They probably all feed him pieces of meet when they are BBQing aboard or pieces of fish after arriving home from a fishing expedition.
   Or, my other guess is Socks and Cooper are both humans who are best friends. Together, they fix up boats because they are both experts and the mechanics of boats. They are also in an informal and peace-loving motorcycle gang (Socks and Cooper sound like motorcycle gang names to me.) Socks, the dreamer of the duo went wondering off, perhaps following a lake bird as it waddled down the dock. Cooper said, 'Socks, pass me the wrench, will ya?" But nobody responded. Socks was gone, again! So Cooper, who could not get hold of Socks via his cell phone, made a sign in hopes of recovering his wandering friend.

    Puns are the lowest form of humor... or are they? I don't think so because they consistently crack me up, as did this one. "We're Otter Here!" is the name of the boat, but they have it written on their dock box too. The use of puns are very popular in naming ones boat. But usually they are uncreative puns. It is common to use the word "knot" as "not" as in "Knot Enough" or "Knot on Shore." Another common pun is using "Sea" in a word that start "Se" as in "SeaDuction" or "SeaRenity." I am a fan of the name "We're Otter Here!" because not only is it quite enthusiastic, but otters are always pleasant creatures to be reminded of.

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