Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Odd Spectacles on the Road

Here are two pictures I took recently.

Here is a dock on Seattle just before a brief storm started.

Here is Edmonds on a sunny day.

Yesterday while driving, I saw two interesting things.

* I saw a dog with a quarter of its body hanging out of an open window, the wind billowing through its long golden hair. A common enough site, but this dog was wearing pilot goggles! It was hilarious but also an ingenious ideas. I have been told that it is cruel to let your dog put his head out the window because the wind is bad for their eyes. But it also seems a bit cruel not to let them do it... they just love it so much. Pilot goggles is a perfect solution.

* While on the freeway, in the lane next to me was a truck carting a trailer full of stuff. The wind must have hit the trailer just right, because suddenly a Christmas tree came flying out of the trailer. It soared in the air before bouncing on the road and tumbling around like it was part of some awkward dance. I slowed down because I was worried the lady in the lane next to me was going to swerve into my lane to avoid the run-away Christmas tree. Instead she drove right over it, cracking the tree in two.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

R.I.P. Christmas tree :-(

brian said...

i liked your post...i will have to go get my dog some goggles...funny.
your pictures are fabulous...you have a really good eye
love your blog

Amber said...

Ha ha ha... yeah, poor tree. Being snapped in half by a giant car can't be the best way to go.

Amber said...

Thank you so much Brian! I think you should definitely get goggles for your dog. It will make the day of everyone passing by.