Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Life Cycle of the Bird and Olive Green Corridors

     Yesterday I woke up earlier than usual. I went outside to watch the sunrise and listen to the birds. It is very quiet in the morning except for the birds. The best part was watching a robin collect stray pieces of twigs and dried grass to build her nest. She started building her nest right by my front door. My mind started filling with expectations of later this spring when I would be able to see baby robins close up. Maybe I'd even sprinkle bird seeds into their open mouths. Then every year they would come back and visit me. While I read in the garden they will land on my shoulders and build their own nests in low hanging branches. But after accidentally startling the robin twice by coming in and out of my house, my dreams were dashed. She decided to build her nest somewhere different where it is less noisy and chaotic. Her partially constructed nest was abandoned and by the end of the day the wind blew it to the ground.
     As I was leaving work yesterday, a crow flapped past me making a strange noise. It was a low, guttural, desperate sounding chirp that I've never heard come from the normally squawky crow. I realized that it was because the crow was not making the noise. Another smaller bird that the menacing crow had clutched between its beak was making the noise. Usually I like crows because I am fascinated by their intelligence and feisty personalities. But I wish they would stick to eating fruit and worms instead of brutalizing smaller birds. The smaller bird's cries were the saddest sound.

Here are some pictures of a marina in Fremont. While I was here there was a big English bulldog hanging out on the docks too. I love their giant heads.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

These pics always make me want to move to the Pacific NW!!

brian said...

hi amber
i run 5 miles through the wood near my house evry morning at 5:00...its just me, the moon, the trees and the birds...i love listening to them while i run...its very relaxing

Amber said...

The Pacific Northwest really is beautiful! There are so many trees, mountains and bodies of water. It's a great place to be if you like to take pictures. :)

That sounds like an amazing run. I like the idea of running through the trees with the moon shining. I often have a hard time waking up super early, but when I do I am always appreciative. It is a beautiful time of day.