Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alleyways and British TV

  Here are some photos I took recently of an alleyway and just outside the alleyway. Alleyways are endlessly interesting as photo subjects. They are full of nooks and crannies, discarded treasures (or trash) and interesting street art.

  I have been watching a lot of British TV lately. Soon I will accidentally slip into a British accent. I have a friend who has traveled so much throughout his life that when he gets drunk he slips into this odd accent that is an assortment of lots of different accents and uniquely his own. It's awesome! The two British shows I have been mainly watching are Downton Abbey and Doctor Who. Downtown Abbey is a period drama. It has many soap opera-esque storylines, but the show is elevated out of a soap opera status by being a period drama. Although it does address interesting issues like class and expectations of women in the society. Whenever I watch shows that take place in the 'olden days' it makes me happy to see how much things have changed for women. This show is well written and interesting and I am excited for season three!  Doctor Who is a time traveling adventure including a cast of lovable characters. I'm watching the 2005 reboot and have just finished season four. I think there are seven season. I like this show because it is full of interesting ideas and concepts but there is also a playful feel to the show. The only thing I dislike is that the characters are too dispensable. One thing all this British Tv has got me thinking about is British slang. Here are some British slang words that I think we should start using in America:

-Blimey-used to emphasize ones excitement or surprise.
-Bloody- adjective of exclamation usually used in conjuncture with an expletive in order to emphasis the expletive. ( This one is gaining popularity in the states, as I do occasionally hear it used by native born Americans.)
-Bugger-all- cheap, as in cost.
-Rubbish- Trash, as in actual garbage or used as a descriptive like 'I don't believe that for an instant! It's just a bunch of rubbish!"
-Snogging- kissing (I first learned about this term from Harry Potter.)

  I'm sure there is more great British slang that I am forgetting. Of course the problem with suddenly using another countries slang is that the words are bound to sound like affectations as they roll of the American tongue. But with enough sincere use, anything can sound natural.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Funny you mention British TV. I have been wanting to start watching Dr. Who...I think this post has inspired me to finally purchase it :-)

Amber said...

Oh good! It's a lot of fun and often thought provoking. I've only seen the new version that started in 2005, but after I get caught up, I want to watch the older versions too.