Monday, April 30, 2012

A Very Strange House

Deep in the middle of the woods is a very strange house. It is part plant, part animal, and part housing structure. This house has existed for eons, although very few people have had the privilege of knowing about it's existence. Throughout the centuries, many different folks have lived in the house. No one knows who first lived in the house. It was abandoned for for years before a family of odd mice took residence in the house. The mice weren't particularly odd when they entered the house, but after living in it for a while, they began to change. They took on strange, un-mouse like customs like dressing in small mouse sized clothes. They developed manners usually reserved for humans such as eating at a table for dinner and saying "gesundheit" when hearing a sneeze. The mice developed the ability to read. They would go scavenging for bits and pieces of words to bring home and read. Librarians and avid book owners living in villages around the forest were dismayed to find pages torn right out of their books. The mice developed a keen sense of curiosity about the world, fostered by their constant reading. The odd family of mice moved out of the house in order to explore the world. Next a family of tiny elves moved into the house. The elves lived a merry life, as all elves do. The elf family lived in the house until elves stopped existing, after which the family promptly vanished. A human lived in the house for a while, but every time she entered the house she had to force herself to shrink. It was hard on her bones and muscles, and eventually her ailing health forced her to find a home elsewhere. The house has been vacant for many years. It is waiting patiently for its next set of residents.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

You have a beautiful imagination. Where does the inspiration for these stories come from?

Amber said...

Thanks so much! Usually I get an idea for a picture then I make up the title for the picture, then I make up the story.