Friday, April 20, 2012

The Spirited Goose and It's Notorious Honk

The other day while walking, I ran into these two little guys.

    They were searching for bits of food on a grassy patch between the sidewalk and the road. I'm not sure if they were eating grass or the insects they discovered between the blades of grass. They are quite messy eaters, though. Their bills were covered with bits of grass.
    When I was little, I use to live by a man made lake that my family and I would sometimes walk around. There were many geese that used the lake to float upon. They were accustomed to being fed bits of bread by humans, and had developed a sense of entitlement in regards to being fed. They would come waddling up from the edge of the lake, honking and demanding food. Even though I've always been an animal lover, these geese were a bit scary. I remember being able to see into their open, honking mouths. The inside of their beaks were lined with sharp teeth. Which, I've discovered through an internet search are not teeth at all, but 'ridges.' In my memory they are sharp teeth that were ready to tear at my flesh. Geese are fairly tall birds too, so when a person is still little, they seem like formidable foes.
    One thing about Canadian Geese that I have noticed is that whenever they land, they make quite a raucous with honks and squawks. Then once they land, they usually stop. Although once I saw a pair of geese honk for a long time after they landed. A man came out of his boat and started yelling at them to be quiet. I use to have two friends who were bird experts. They both studied birds in school. They are both nomadic types (like birds) and moved away. I wish I had asked them why geese honk when they land. I'm sure I can find out from the internet, but sometimes it is fun to learn things from a live expert. However, I did learn from them that the reason that some seagulls are speckled gray is because they are the young seagulls.
    When I came back from my walk, I saw the two geese from my picture in the middle of the road! They were in the suicide lane, trying to get to the other side. A taxi was barreling toward them. The taxi stopped at the very last minute. He must have been a foot away from hitting those geese. The geese seemed rather unperturbed, as if they are almost hit by taxi cabs everyday of the week.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I ejoyed reading this, as I love watching the geese on a lake and when flying in groups. They are truly beautiful creatures! They can be fiesty though if they have little ones near.

Amber said...

They really are beautiful! I am excited for later in the spring when they float on the lakes with their babies behind them. They are so cute.