Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Naturalists Sketchbook Pt. 2

Here are more illustrations from my 'Naturalists Sketchbook' series.

  The naturalist explored the forests early one October morning. The sun had not quite risen and the sky was the color of caramel. The naturalist tromped through the woods in pursuit of more strange and interesting animals to document in her sketchbook.

   She spotted the leaf tailed antelope lumbering through the woods, dragging his long leafy tail behind him. It is easy to find the leaf tailed antelope, because wherever they go, they drag a stripe through the dirt with their massive tail.

 Next, the naturalist spotted the flora bat flapping from one tree branch to the next. The flora bat has a long string of leaves and a flower growing from her wing. When the bat flutters around the sky, the leafy flower trails behind her like a flapping flag or a holiday.

Skipping along a tree branch, the naturalist spotted the leaf tail squirrel. Like the leaf tail squirrels distant cousin, the flying squirrel, this squirrel too glides in the air. He uses his leafy tail like a parachute as he glides from one tree to the next. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the sound of wind rustling through leaves and the sound of the squirrel gliding from tree to tree.

 The naturalist could smell the flower fox before she spotted him scampering merrily through the woods. Wherever the flower fox goes, he brings with him the fragrant smell of spring meadows.

When the naturalist spotted the leaf winged owl perched upon a tree branch, she was surprised the owl was still awake. The leaf winged owl, like most owls, spends most of her waking hours in the night and spends the days sleeping. Leaf winged owls sleep in trees. Their wings provide perfect camouflage!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I should show this series to my neice - she has such an artistic mind and she loves nature so I have a feeling that she would love this!

Amber said...

That would be awesome if you shared this with your niece! :)