Saturday, April 14, 2012

Exploring the Islands Windblown, Driftwood Strewn Shores

Here are more pictures from my island adventure on Whidbey. We explored the shores where there were lots of rocks and driftwood. One day I took a walk by myself and I walked until I came across a sign that said 'No Trespassing, Private Beach.' I had an urge to just ignore the sign and keep walking. But who knows what could have happened?... Angry private beach owners wielding weapons and screaming like a banshee at the sight of me... Or vicious sea monsters who linger at the shore of private beaches spotting me and attacking.... Or maybe I'd fall down an endless pit that all the locals know to avoid. This last possibility reminds me of something I learned about recently called the Money Pit. The Money Pit is on an island in Nova Scotia called Oak Island. In 1795, a teenager found a circular depression on the island. This sparked his curiosity, so he gathered a couple of friends and they began to dig. They dug about thirty feet. During the dig they discovered previous marks from picks. At about every ten feet there were logs. The curious boys were only eighteen and could not spend all their time digging, so they gave up. But their discovery sparked the imagination of many. Most peoples imaginations led to the slightly greed induced conclusion that the pit must be full of buried treasure, and this is how it got the name Money Pit. The notability of the Money Pit attracted new explorers with more resources, starting with the Onslow Company. The Onslow Company dug about ninety feet more and continued to find the logs at about every ten feet. They also found something more intriguing, stones with what appeared to be writing or symbols. One person translated the inscriptions to say "forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried" but this translation may have been inspired more by the translators own treasure filled imagination. The pit flooded and this team of excavators stopped their digging. Time went by, and various other companies and groups made unsuccessful attempts to discover the secrets of the Money Pit. Instead of finding treasure beyond imagination, six people died. In the sixties an new an attempt at the Money Pits treasures which included putting a camera in the Money Pit. It is said the camera recorded chests, tools and even human remains. These accounts are unverified. Treasure hunters are still trying to discover the mystery of the Money Pit in current times. There are many different theories about the money pit including pirate treasures, Marie Antoinette treasures, and naval treasures. Another theory says their are documents in the money pit that prove that Francis Bacon was the real writer of Shakespeare's plays. Others think that the Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant are in the money pit. As with most mysteries, some people think the Freemasons are responsible. And of course there is the boring theory that the money pit is not human made but instead a sink hole.

While we were on the island, we also played this really fun game called Dixit. Basically it is a game where the players get to make up stories about the pictures on randomly drawn cards.

*( all info about the money pit found at this Wikipedia article and this Stuff They Don't Want You To Know video.)


Optimistic Existentialist said...

First of all, these pictures are amazing. Secondly, this line "Angry private beach owners wielding weapons and screaming like a banshee at the sight of me... Or vicious sea monsters who linger at the shore of private beaches spotting me and attacking" made me laugh out loud! Thirdly, I MUST visit this place someday.

Amber said...

Thanks so much! One never knows when a sea monster is lurking nearby. :)