Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Windmill at the Shore

When I was little and went on road trips with my parents, I always looked forward to the Windmills. There are stretches of the highway were a car passenger can see hundreds of windmills whirling away. In these pictures we were geocaching. My favorite part of geocaching is taking photographs of the scenery.

I recently checked out an awesome book from the library called 'Natural History: The Ultimate Visual Guide To Everything On Earth." It is published by Smithsonian. It is stock full of photographs of all sorts of plants and animals and other natural wonders. One animal I learned about that I have never heard of before is the raccoon dog. It is a dog that looks super similar to a raccoon. Their faces are remarkably similar. The racoons dogs body is different- fat with stubby legs. They are dogs in the sense that a fox is a dog, not like a golden retriever. But unlike the fox, they hibernate. They also climb trees! The raccoon dog reminds me of a mystical animal that would make appearances in a persons dream.

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