Thursday, February 9, 2012

Becoming an Old Maid Vs. Running Away to Join the Circus.

  When I was young, my old maid card set included the dreaded old maid card along with pairs of occupational cards. These cards included ordinary but respectable jobs such as firemen, librarians and doctors. Probably the zaniest job card my set included was the zoo keeper. This awesome set (given to me by David's Mom. This was her set growing up) includes circus professions! Of course some of these proffessions no child could truely become even if they had the greatest of aspirations (such as dancing bear or laughing lion.) My favorite card is the agile acrobats. I also really like the fat lady. She's really pretty with her rosy cheeks and red bow. Oh, and all the animal cards are my favorites also! But if I was going to join the circus, I would want to be the flying lady.  This card set is from the fifties or sixties, so some of the cards are a bit offensive.

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