Monday, February 13, 2012

Animals at the Pet Shop.

  The animals were mundanely lounging in their cages contemplating nothing much at all until one little mouse squeaked 'revolt!' The animals were stirred to life, tired of the oppressive life they were living in side small glass enclosures. They wanted to see the world! They wanted to feel their small paws press against the earthy ground. These photo's, of course, were taken before the revolt started. The fury of the furry (and scaly and feathered) animals was complete mayhem, and I was just too distracted to take photos.

Actually, these are just some photo's I took at the pet store while D was looking for ghost shrimps for one of our tanks. We have on ghost shrimp now, named Ivan. The best ghost shrimp we had was Evelyn. Who knew a shrimp could have so much personality?! That Evelyn was always dancing around the tank and befriending the fish. She swam in arcs from one side of the tank to the other, and I would always imagine a rainbow appearing behind her as she moved.
The last photo in this set features a variety of fish that look like they have bird heads! I would love to have a fish with a bird head. Would it chirp or gurgle bubbles?

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