Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Wharf of Lost Memories

I think that if someone grew up in the middle of the desert and never saw the sea until they were twenty, they'd still get a rush of childhood nostalgia while on a wharf. There is something about wharfs. They invoke a feeling of almost remembered memories. I was on the wharf in Santa Cruz recently with my family. We wandered around and looked at the seagulls and seals. We ate seafood while looking at the sea. Despite it's rustic origins, to me clam chowder in a bread bowl is the height of fine dining.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tromping Through the Woods

When I was little, I believed (probably longer than I should have) that magical creatures like unicorns and fairies lived in the forest. Even now forests retain a mystical quality to them. The common forest animals, although not magical, are still quite charming. Deer and racoons and banana slugs, oh my! I use to live near a redwood forest and I often miss it. D and I would sometimes take books with us into the woods and read amongst the trees. This forest wasn't the forest I use to live near but it is still full of redwoods. There was also a cutesy gold rush/ old west tourist town to explore on the out skirts of the woods.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I Saw on my Walk Home

A couple of weeks ago I was at my friend Ces's house for our craft club. For about five or six meetings we had four whole members in our club. Exciting! But lately it has been just Ces and me. Usually we watch movies while crafting. One movie we saw was 'American Werewolf in London.' The werewolf attacked in the moors. Based on the English books I've read, the moors seem like the eeriest place on earth. I want to go! One thing about werewolf movies is that the werewolves inevitably look a little silly. Although, no matter how silly the werewolf looks, the process of transformation is always horrifying. The idea of transforming in to a werewolf is also horrifying. I think of them symbolizing the idea of complete loss of control and one's inner demon or evil overpowering the humane side of a person. Always an unsettling notion! I've heard it speculated that werewolf's are going to be the next paranormal zeitgeist now that zombies and vampires have been used in pop culture so much lately.
Another movie I saw at a craft night was 'Mommy Dearest.' I already knew all about the wire hanger scene before watching this movie. Even before seeing any Joan Crawford movie I knew all about her infamous dislike of wire hangers. When I saw her in 'Mildred Pierce' I was surprised how well she played a sympathetic character. 'Mildred Pierce' is a great movie too. It's full of suspense, betrayal, and diabolic characters!

After craft club, I journeyed home both on feet and bus. I took pictures of the things I saw during the walking portions of the journey.