Sunday, June 26, 2011


I love Seattle BBQ's. My friend Bryan had one recently at his house. My favorite thing to BBQ are vegetables. Here is the perfect combo: purple onion, red bell pepper, mushroom and a surprise appearance of the fruit, pineapple. During Seattle winters, the sun sets around four o clock! It feels awfully dreary and I always miss the daylight. But the reward for putting up with the early winter sunsets are the late summer sunsets. I love it! At the BBQ, once twilight finally came, all these little bats appeared. There must have been ten of them zipping sporadically through the dim blue sky.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Say Cheese Festival!

A month or so ago, Ces and I went to the Seattle Cheese Festival! Cheese makers all converge to the front of Pikes Place Market and offer free bits of cheese. As Ces said, it is the first festival of the sunny season in Seattle. Although I use the phrase 'sunny season' loosely, as it is currently gray and cloudy.

Another hint that warm weather was near are these little fellows:

Every year as it begins to warm up I see a parade of ants on the sidewalk. They are like petite harbingers of good days to come out in the sun.
Some times it was hard to navigate through the cheese festival because it was so crowded. In order to successfully get to the cheese counters, one had to employ gusto and a certain amount of assertiveness. Actually, people should go to festivals like this for assertiveness training courses. And although sometimes the crowds made my cheese consumption more difficult, I was happy to have such ample people watching opportunities!

At one point, Ces and I needed a relief from the crowds, so we walked to the shops closer to the waterfront. Ces has a great love for chocolate covered figs that are sold at a Spanish foods specialties shop. We each bought one. Tasty!

The flowers at the market are always lovely. Which reminds me of an idea I had for a business while picking plants for a bouquet in my yard. Many people enjoy going to the country to berry farms to pick there very own blueberries and strawberries. But what about flowers! I think some one should set up a green house full of flowers (preferably in the city) where flower lovers can go to pick there very own bouquets. And to receive a hand picked bouquet would be even more romantic.

Overall, it was a very colorful and delicious day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dora Presents the Squirrel Theater

Dora has always had a wanderlust spirit. As a youngster, whenever she was forced to sit in one place, she would swing her legs back and forth as fast as she could as if she were running on air. She knew that when she grew into an adult, she wanted to see the world. Unfortunately, world travel is expensive. She decided she needed a job that would allow her to travel. When she met a giant squirrel with a flair for the dramatic and a similar longing for travel, she was inspired. Thus, the traveling squirrel theater was born! She travels all around the world with her squirrel theater bringing delight to spectators young and old. Who can not enjoy watching small furry animals pour their hearts into bringing to life works of great drama?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Vada and the House Fox Sulk Underneath a Tree

When Vada met the house fox, she promised that he was not alone. Her whole life, she has heard very convincing stories about the herds of house foxes living in the near by woods. But the house fox has not seen any of his kind in decades. Vada decides it will be her mission to find more house foxes for her lonely companion. Together, they have been wandering the forest looking for any evidence of near by house foxes. But each lead goes dry, each glint of hope fades. Vada is starting to believe that her new friend really is the only house fox left. The failure is making Vada feel very defeated and pessimistic. The house fox is feeling both those things along with an overwhelming sense of despair. Vada and the house fox decide to sit under a tree and indulge in a bout of sulking. They need to get it out of their system in order to feel rejuvenated and ready to continue their search.

p.s. My brain must be too immersed in Harry Potter land because every time I wrote 'house fox' I wanted to write 'house elf.'

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flora Specimens of the Backyard Variety.

I've been using various pressed plants in my art. To keep my supply of pressed flowers full, I've been picking lots of flowers in my backyard to press under stacks of my heaviest books.  Now that the weather is  warm, the plants change so frequently. A couple of weeks ago I noticed lots of azaleas. But the azaleas are almost all gone and now I noticed a new unknown flower. With a bit of internet investigation I discovered it was a fox glove. Also, today I found a four leaf clover. Good luck for me!!!  Here are some plants and flowers I picked a couple of weeks ago.

  The other day I was listening to the radio on my drive to work and the topic of discussion was dinosaurs, always an interesting topic in my book! A dinosaur expert was being interviewed and he says that the T-Rex may have been covered with colorful feathers rather than scales. I also heard a long time ago that the T-Rex may not have been the fierce predator as it is often described as. I heard that because of the way it's body is shaped (little arms up top) it would have a hard time battling other dinosaurs. Instead it may have been more of a scavenger then a predator. So basically, the T-rex may have been a completely different animal than we think. Imagine a giant T-Rex with colorful feathers and sharp glistening teeth trotting through the forest in search of decaying carcass's to feast upon. Still an unnerving animal but not quite as frightening. Of course the T-Rex may have been exactly the way we always imagined. But if it is indeed a different beast, it will not be the first time a dinosaur myth has been dispelled. The Brontosaurus use to be my favorite dinosaur, but it turns out it doesn't even exist! The Brontosaurus is actually a mishmash of other dinosaurs. When the bones of the Brontosaurus were constructed into a dino,  the body was mostly made of an Aptosaurus and the head was a Camarasaurus. (dino info found here) Viola! The Brontosaurus was brought into existence.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hattie and Madeline Admire the Chain of Moths

Hattie and Madeline live a docile life. They are step-sisters who despite the common expectations quickly became dear friends. The step sisters are both curious and fiery but unfortunately they are sequestered in the country under the care of two over protective parents. They want to go out and explore the world! They will be eighteen in a year and free to leave the sweet but entirely too overbearing clutches of their parents. Until their eighteenth birthdays, they spend their time as amateur naturalists. They roam the country side in search of strange natural curiosities. At home they curate their very own cabinet of curiosities. They have displays of strange insects and mysterious bones bleached white by the sun. They have interesting stones, some hard and jagged, and some smooth and full of color. They've found bits and pieces of trees: leaves, bark and branches. Recently while on an adventure through the country they found a most interesting natural discovery: A moth chain. The strange moth chain is definitely their best find yet!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sharp Shooters Eleven: Ferry To Bremerton

Cesar and I went on our eleventh sharp shooters meeting to Bremerton. We traveled by ferry to the strange little naval town. On the ferry we watched the water lap around us. We saw seals sunning on the bobbing buoys. At one point, two friendly seagulls glided next to the ferry. I eagerly took their pictures while Ces hid from his old nemesis, the bird. Ferry's are also great for people watching. It is fun to guess if people are going to or away from home and what they are going to do when they get there.
I've been to Bremerton twice now, and both times I thought the town felt oddly eerie. The town looks like it should be full of people, but once Ces and I went past the small area just outside the ferry terminal, the city felt deserted. Where was everyone? Abducted by aliens? Turned into ghosts? Disappeared mysteriously like the Roanoke colony? Who knows. (cue Twilight Zone song.... dudu dudu, dudu dudu.)
We spent a while walking along the shore. Everything we walked by was covered with barnacles. It felt like we were archeologists discovering the remains of our own culture. Like we got sucked into a time warp and the world we grew up in disappeared eons ago. But we found the remains of our civilization: an old children's bike, a sewing machine, bits and pieces of ceramics and pottery. We try to make our minds blank so we can take on the role of the future's anthropologists, and we ask ourselves 'What do all these barnacle covered remains mean?'