Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Day I Went to Georgetown and Watched the Rain make Everything Shine

I was standing in the middle of a play field in Georgetown holding my favorite yellow umbrella while all around me the rain was falling, and above me a small plane was swooping toward the ground, and to my side a train was chug-chuga-chugging. I have two other umbrellas besides the yellow one and I use to have a fourth. I found the long-lost fourth umbrella at a thrift store. It was red with people drawn in anime style wearing 1960's clothing. It was a small umbrella. I think it was meant for children. One day I lost it on my walk to class. I lived in a town that rained constantly but at that moment it was dry so the umbrella was in my bag. It must have tumbled out, because at while confined to the indoors of the classroom, I noticed it was gone. I was pretty sad, because it was such an unusual umbrella. I'm always drawn to novelties and to strange trinkets of the past. On my walk home after class it was raining. But I didn't have far to walk. In this rainy town I use to live in, there also lived a homeless man who had two dogs and he practically owned one wet and rainy street corner. Rumor had it that another homeless man tried to pan handle on his corner and the man with the two dogs fought him. It was hard to imagine this man fighting. He had a kind round face and a friendly wave for everyone that passed him by. He was a big man who always wore a tan trench coat. He had messy blonde hair and a fluffy beard. Well, on my walk home I saw this man daintily holding my little red umbrella as the rain fell around him.

Georgetown is one of the neighborhoods in Seattle that I haven't spent much time in. But there is something really great about Georgetown. It feels like it's own world. If I was going to film a movie, I would want to set it in Georgetown. A long time ago I went to Georgetown to watch a friend's, friend's band. After the show we were walking down the empty streets back to our car. We passed a three story brick building whose top floor had all it's windows open and all it's lights on. The top floor wasn't separated into different rooms, it was all one big room. It was the type of room that would be a thrill to rollerskate in. From where I was on the ground I could see a giant sculpture hanging from the ceiling. It was a giant aqua mermaid/sea serpent. The way I remember it, the sculpture took up the entire span of the ceiling from one side of the room to the next. It was so strange. It was like a dream.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Selma Unleashes an Entity from the Gramophone

Selma has always had strange music taste. As a youngster, her friends delighted in listening to the poppy sounds of boy bands. But Selma found the music repulsive. As long as she can remember, she has only enjoyed music that was created at least two hundred years ago. One sunny Saturday, she had an urge to listen to some of her favorite baroque records on her old gramophone. Just as the record began to twirl and the music erupted from the horn of the gramophone, an entity emerged along with the music. It was a docile entity that appeared to originate in Elizabethan times. She hoped that the entity would grant her three wishes, but the entity basically ignored her.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Althea attends the Bat Funeral

When Althea moved to the forest, she thought it was a very lonely place. There were birds and bears and deer, but they all lived lives Althea could not understand. It wasn't until Althea explored the forest caves that she found a creature that she could really relate to. The bat, with it's thin veiny wings and its strange little face made sense to Althea. While most of the animals seem to belong to the world, the bat doesn't belong fully anywhere. They fly like the bird, but they have no feathers or beaks. They grow fur like a mammal, but mammals traverse the sea or the ground not the sky. Althea, who grew up in the city but knew she never belonged there feels like she can almost understand what it must feel like to be a bat.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pizza Time!

I went over to friends house for a pizza party recently. Pizza is one of my favorite foods. One thing about pizza, is that practically everyone loves it but most people have strong and often conflicting opinions about what makes a good pizza. I like thick crust pizza with lots of sauce and a medium amount of cheese. I also hate when the sauce is too bland. Blah! Plenty of other people like lots of cheese and a little sauce. This is why I think someone needs to make a 'pizza finder' website. At the sight, you will write in your city and fill out a brief checklist describing your favorite pizza. The website will then generate a list of pizza places in your area that make pizza's to your liking. I take my pizza consumption very seriously!
The pizza Mike made was delicious! Jess and I are vegetarians so our pizza had basil and tomatoes on it while the meat eaters enjoyed a peperoni pizza. I've seen fake peperoni at the market. One of these days I'm going to make a pizza with it. I'm not one of those vegetarians who think meat is disgusting. I miss pepperoni pizza!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The First Warm Day of Spring.

On the first warm day of spring I wandered around Carkeek park... My favorite park in all of Seattle.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thora Finds a Baby Tree Monster

Thora has heard the legends of the tree monsters. Supposedly they are great creatures made of leaves and bark that wonder through the local woods. When they see a human, they quickly freeze and close their eyes. The human passing bye does not even notice the monster. Instead the human assumes she is just passing by a normal tree. Thora always believed that they were real. But many of her friends and family contradicted her belief with their own assertions that the creatures are myth. Imagine Thora's surprise and excitement when she finds a baby tree monster. The little monster looks so sweet that she must pick it up and cuddle with it. Thora has no idea that the mother is near bye, blending into the woods, but carefully and a bit nervously watching her child's interaction with the strange human creature.