Monday, December 26, 2011

Felix, Viola and Leander Leaf Person

Here are three more leaf people: Felix, Viola and Leander

Here is Felix.
Felix is an avid bird watcher. His favorite bird is the red winged black bird. He thinks they are the perfect combination of simple and flashy. It is common to see Felix with his face toward the sky, whistling at a nearby bird in an admirable intimation of the bird's own song.

Here is Viola.
Viola love's steamy cups of tea sweetened with heaping spoonfuls of honey. Her love for honey inspired her to try her hand at bee keeping. It started as an idle hobby, but it soon was obvious that Viola had a knack for bee keeping. She thinks of all her bee's as her little friends. She sings songs to them as they buzz around her.

Here is Leander.
Leander has a love for travel. He has been to one hundred different countries and hopes to eventually travel to all the countries of the world. Wherever he goes he takes pictures of the people and the landscapes and the monuments. The more places he travels, the more amazing he thinks the world is.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Martha is Concerned About the Tree Monster Lurking Behind Her

Martha senses something is amiss in the forest. The tree's around her seem oddly alive and moveable. She thinks she hears rustling behind her. Is it just another deer or squirrel? Or maybe it is one of the tree monsters of legend! Hundreds of years ago, the forest was known to harbor many a tree monster. In old legend they were described as mopey creatures that sluggishly waddled through the woods. They practically blended in with the woods themselves because their tails were shaped like a trees thick trunk. As legend has it, despite their apathetic appearance, the tree monsters could be quite sinister. They often swallowed humans whole! As Martha walks through the woods, she thinks of the tree monster legend. She tries to convince herself that it is just a legend.
Martha is right to believe a tree monster may be near, but she is wrong to completely believe the old legend. Even in the day's of abundant tree monsters, the creatures were never blood thirsty. They are omnivores who enjoy munching on moss and leaves. The tree monster would never dream of devouring Martha.

This painting was done with acrylic on a canvas I bought at a thrift store. I rarely use acrylic and one of these days I want to get really good at it. They are really fun to use. Blending acrylic paints is more fun then blending of other types of paints.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Succulents, The Strangest of All Plants

I love succulents. They are such strange plants. They remind me of what artists from the 1960's would paint while imaging what plants look like on other planets. But instead they actually exist on our planet. They are just so unlike any other plants.