Sunday, November 13, 2011

Railroad Tracks, Chainlink Fences and Blue Skies.

I was in Georgetown the other day for breakfast with friends. We went to 'Georgetown Liquor Company.' I love this place. The whole menu is vegetarian. Most of the food is comprised of meat substitutes. The fake ham sandwich is so good! Even my meat eating friends like it. Also, I always find interesting things to take pictures of in Georgetown, so I was glad to be there for that reason too.

Last Wednesday I went to go see 'They Might Be Giants' play at the Sodo Showbox. Unfortantly I forgot my camera, and the pictures I tried to take on my phone turned out blurry. They were fun to see live. The band members seem to enjoy playing with each other and they have funny banter in between songs. Their songs are so clever and playful, and are witty without being smug. The first Cd of theirs I ever got was 'Factory Showroom.' I got it when I was a teenager and listening to it still reminds me of learning how to drive. I remember listening to 'Bells are Ringing' while driving around a parking lot, trying to muster the grace needed to properly drive a stick shift without stalling.

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