Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lizette, Augustus, and Dorthea Leaf Person

Here is Lizette.

Lizette likes telling ghost stories on rainy days. She once lived near a dreary old grave yard full of skeletons from the 1700's. At night time, when she looked out her window, she saw ghosts seep from the ground and float above their gravestones. The first time she saw a ghost she thought it was terrifying. But soon she only felt sorry for the disembodied spirits. She could tell by their hazy but wistful expressions that they were all hoping for something. During the day, she would walk through the graveyard. In a notebook she wrote down the names and date of birth and death of all the ghosts she'd seen the previous night. She would research these lost souls, these long dead strangers. She realized everyone of them had a story. And even though she no longer lived near the graveyard, she liked to tell their stories to all her friends.

Here is Augustus.

Augustus has a passion for history and in his quiet moments he reads thick history novels. But his favorite history related hobby is civil war reenactment. He finds it to be a most poignant of wars. Brothers against brothers on the very soil that nurtured them into the men they were. Augustus' hero was Abraham Lincoln. He had a giant portrait of the noble man hanging in his dinning room. Before he went to sleep at night he always whispered 'Thank you Abraham Lincoln, and God bless you.'

Here is Dorthea.

Dorthea is an amateur geologist. She likes to walk through the forests and mountain trails near her house where she collects rocks. She slips them into her pockets or she brings a basket to carry them in. When she is home, she examines each rock closely. She uses a magnifying glass to view the small holes and crevices that aren't so easily discernible with the naked eye. She looks through all her geology books to identify what type of rocks she has discovered. She likes the beauty of rocks, and how they are all so unique from each other. Dorthea likes the ancientness of rocks and how each rock has existed on earth long before she came along and will still exist long after.

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