Monday, November 28, 2011

Fauna, Flora, and Natural Specimen Sketchbook Pt. 2

Here are more natural specimen sketches from my sketchbook.

Yesterday I was outside and the rain was splattering on top my head and the wind was whipping the fallen leaves around and that's when I noticed it... most of the trees are bare. What... already? It feels like Autumn has just begun but now it's almost Winter. I've been listening to Beirut's new CD 'Rip Tide.' I love the album and Beirut in general but the music seems especially fit for this time of year. The music is tinged with a feeling of sadness in a introspective and almost celebratory way rather than a self indulgently melancholy way. This mirrors how I usually feel as I see Autumn being swept away by Winter. Beirut makes the perfect soundtrack for a late Fall walk. I'm looking forward to the first snow storm. I'll have to figure out what band makes the perfect snow storm soundtrack.

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