Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Salty Sound, The Aquatic Blue Glow

Here are some photo's I took with my phone's camera. Some of them are from Edmonds and some are from the fish store.

Lately I have been listening to even more mystery audio books then usual. I'm in the middle of the Tess Monaghan series by Laura Lippman. Tess is a tough and sassy detective solving mysteries and having misadventures a long the way. They are fun books to listen too, and I am disappointed because I am number 5 on the libraries waiting list for the next book. But one thing that I notice the characters sometimes do is repeat themselves for emphasis. I can't think of actual examples from the books, but it would be like if someone said "keep on trekking little fellow, keep on trekking." or "You never know what your going to get, you just never know." The part of the statement that is repeated is always said in a far-off, wistful tone. If anyone spoke this way in actual conversation, it would be difficult not to chuckle. It would sound artificial. Most of the important thing's people say in life, they say without realizing the import. In real life, we can't use dialogue to foreshadow upcoming events. Another inaccuracy of dialogue in books is that books never include the filler words that most people use in daily conversations. The 'umms and ahhs and likes' are never recorded in books. Thankfully! It would be tedious to read. But if aliens used novels to learn about human culture, it would be these subtleties in dialogue that would confuse them. They would be even more confused about human etiquette if they used TV or movies for reference. On the screen, people are constantly hanging up phone calls without saying farewell. Imagine if someone did this in real life? It would be hard not to perceive them as rude.

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