Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fauna, Flora, and Natural Specimen Sketchbook Pt. 1

Here are some drawings from my 'fauna, flora and natural specimen sketchbook.'

For my birthday this year David got me a kindle! I opened my present early, on the same day that the new Haruki Murakami book came out (in America). 'Wind-Up Bird Chronicle' and 'Kafka on the Shore' are two of my favorite books and I have been eagerly looking forward to Murakami's latest book. The new book is called 1Q84, and I downloaded it promptly after opening the kindle. So far, it is living up to my high expectations. It has a lot of the qualities I love in Murakami books- realistic and well developed characters, an odd sense of surrealism, an air of mystery and an enthralling plot. Many of Murakami's books are strange and surreal but his characters always feel so alive that it is easy to suspend disbelief. After reading ' Wind up Bird Chronicle,' I remember riding my bike and thinking how I missed Toru Okada (the main character) and wondering what he was up too. I use to belong to a fantasy/sci-fi book club where we took turn's choosing books for the club to read. I always wanted to chose a Murakami book during my turn, but hesitated because he doesn't write straight out fantasy. His books take place in a slightly more fantastical version of our world. Although I love traditional fantasy, there is something more gripping to me about these familiar but bizarre worlds that Murakami creates. After reading his books, it makes me feel like the world I live in could suddenly take a fantastical twist.

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