Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Rain Monster Follows Lucy Home

 It was a day in mid march when Lucy looked out her window and saw the rain pouring from a cloudy sky. It was the same view she woke up to everyday, for what seemed like an eternity. She wondered if she would ever see sunlight again. She wanted to look out her window and feel the kind burn to her eyes from the pure golden orb of the sun. She wanted to crawl in to a warm and musty cave and curl up with the bears. She would hibernate until spring and wake up to wildflowers and the sun evaporating the last remaining rain puddles. Everything she looked at seemed to be a dreary shade of gray. Lucy refuses to let the rain force her into the seclusion of indoors. She makes sure to take a walk every day even if it is raining. For all of March, unknown to Lucy,  she's had a companion on her walks. Each day, a cheerful rain monster closely follows her. Rain monsters are shy, timid creatures. But often their curiosity surpass their bashful natures. Lucy's rain monster is a particularly feisty fellow. He saw Lucy, and knew that he wanted to know her. It may have been her determination to venture the rain, or it may have been the red rain boots, but the rain monster is quite interested in Lucy. Hopefully he will gather the nerve to introduce himself before the sunny days begin.

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