Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Perks of Being a Passenger

It is not so easy to sight see and day dream while driving. I much before being a passenger. Someday I want to take a train trip across the country. I'll bring my camera and take pictures from my window. While zipping through parts of the country with particularly boring landscapes, I'll be saved by a good book and music from my i pod. I'll go to the food cart and drink tea and maybe talk to fellow passengers with interesting stories. I'll seek out the passengers with the distictly weary expressions on their faces. Those will be the ones with interesting stories. All of this talk about trains has reminds me of one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies. It is called 'The Lady Vanishes.' It's a comedy/mystery/romance. The movie takes place on a train, in a make believe country, right before World War II starts. It stars Dame May Whitty who is quite charming, and just the sort of person I would want to meet on a train. Here are some pictures I took in California while enjoying myself as a passenger in a car.

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