Friday, September 9, 2011

Lenora Knows If She Waits Long Enough, The Flower Man Will Come Her Way

 The flower man is slow moving. He rides a petaled beast that has roots. The roots are always wriggling like worms, searching for moist soil to dig into. The roots grip to the earth and the petaled beast moves even slower. Lenora has heard legends of the flower man her whole life. He comes to certain people, and whispers five secrets in their ears. The secret recepiant must gaurd the secrets until death. When Lenora was only a child, she saw the flower man looming on a hill side. She ran to him and asked him to tell her five secrets. He shook his petaled head and said 'not yet.' Ever since that day, Lenora knew the flower man would come to her one day. She knew she would have five secrets to gaurd but she does not know when he will come. She waits and wonders.

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