Friday, September 23, 2011

Inside the Dinosaur, Phoebe Can Hear Nothing Except the Gentle Bleat of Color

  Comfortably nestled in the spare room of the dinosaur's interior, Phoebe sleeps soundly. She has turned on the color exploding phonograph and can hear the colors as they move and bump against each other. They gently chime like bells in the wind or bleat like birds on mountain tops. Nothing can disturb Phoebe's sleep. Not even her friend Ruby calling down to her. Ruby is concerned that her friend has lost all touch with the real world. She wants to spend all her time within the dinosaur, dreaming soft and colorful dreams. Ruby is beginning to resent the dinosaur and his friendly yet slightly smug grin. She remembers when Phoebe first found the dinosaur. The two were exploring the forest together when the dinosaur came lumbering through the trees. Ruby was fearful of the prehistoric beast, but Phoebe took an immediate shining to the dinosaur. She climbed it's scaled neck and slipped down the hole in it's back. She came reemerged with her hair disheveled and a dreamy look in her eyes. She said she had just heard the most wonderful sounds in the world. Now, Phoebe moves like a pale shadow through her life, returning more and more frequently to the comforts of the dinosaur and his strange and distant sounds.

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