Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holly and Elsa Find a Botanical Squid

Holly and Elsa take day trips to the seashore when ever they can. They like to swim in the lapping waves or read books under the warm sun while stretched upon the sand. Most of all, they like to explore the shore in search of treasures. Weather that treasure be a broken but beautiful seashell, or a long lost emerald ring, the two friends are always delighted by what they find. One day while wondering the shore, they found a beached squid growing the most wondrous of flowers. The squid reached out it's long tentacles to them as if to say hello. They had an urge to pluck a flower from the squid, but they were concerned it would hurt the strange creature. Elsa, and entrepreneur at heart, wanted to start a traveling circus staring the strange squid. Holly was always so weighed down by her own compassion that she feared walking across a patch of lawn less she crush an insect living beneath the blades of grass. She insisted that they aid the poor botanical creature back to the sea, where it can wander the ocean currents in peace with it's flowers trailing behind it, slowly wavering in the slow motion of slightly moving water.

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