Friday, March 11, 2011

Joseph and Dolores Present the Miniature Singer on the Beetle Stage

Joseph and Dolores live near the woods and on their days of they like to take long ambling walks in the forest. One day while on their walk, they heard a beautiful sound. At first they thought it was the sound of a strange and rare bird. But on closer listen, they realized that the sound they were hearing was not a chirp or warble, but the sound of a tiny human voice singing opera. They followed the voice and found the voices owner underneath a fallen leaf. She was so transfixed by the merriment of singing that she did not notice the two huge faces staring down at her. When she did she was understandably startled. But despite their size difference Joseph, Dolores and the miniature singer became friends. Based on their mutual desire to travel and shared love for music, they decided to create the beetle stage. The trio travels around the world showcasing the miniature singers skills.

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