Monday, March 14, 2011

Edmonds Photos, or: A Dreary Day in a Cheerful Place

I work in Edmonds every once in a while and last time I was there I stopped at the pier and shore to take photos.

Here are the remains of fish that a fisherman left behind.
There is something inevitably sad about piers. When they are built, they are imagined as cheerful places where people take their children to walk on sunny days. But they are so quickly weathered by salt water and rainy days. They start to decay and rust and mildew. So there is this juxtaposition between the intended cheer and the quick decay that make them seem lonely and bleak. It's the same sort of feeling that old carnivals or amusement parks have to them.

I love all the elegant ducks that come to the Northwest in the winter.
It looks a bit like a smiling face.
Someone wrote in 'Human' with sharpie underneath the little scuba diver. I feel like there is some sort of hidden existential comment to go along with this, but I don't know what it is.

Someone carved in "I ♥ MKK." I wonder if the person still loves MKK. I wonder if they actually dated or if it was unrequited love.

On the way to the Edmonds Marina and Pier there is a realty company that has huge statues of animals for sale in the parking lot. The elephant is my second favorite but my favorite is the giraffe. While the elephant is probably of a size fairly equivalent to the living elephant, the giraffe towers over any measly real giraffe. It is a veritable jungle in that parking lot with zebras and rhinos joining the giraffe and elephant. When I first wrote this paragraph, I wrote that the animals were being sold at a 'reality' company rather than a 'realty' company. It'd be pretty neat if there was such thing as a reality company that sold such strange and unreal things as giant animal statues.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Estella and Gideon Battle for Possession of the Giant Starfish

Estella and Gideon decided to spend their Saturday together at the seashore. They stretched out a picnic blanket and lounged on the shore. They read books and watched the sea and enjoyed the sound of waves lapping against a sandy shore. Later in the afternoon Estella and Gideon decided to take a walk along the beach. Both Estella and Gideon enjoy collecting sea shore artifacts. At home, they both have shell collections that they proudly display on shelves. Everything was quite civil until they both saw the giant starfish. They both grabbed one of his legs, insisting on bringing the starfish home to add to their personal collection. Neither person budged and a tug-a-war style battle ensued.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Joseph and Dolores Present the Miniature Singer on the Beetle Stage

Joseph and Dolores live near the woods and on their days of they like to take long ambling walks in the forest. One day while on their walk, they heard a beautiful sound. At first they thought it was the sound of a strange and rare bird. But on closer listen, they realized that the sound they were hearing was not a chirp or warble, but the sound of a tiny human voice singing opera. They followed the voice and found the voices owner underneath a fallen leaf. She was so transfixed by the merriment of singing that she did not notice the two huge faces staring down at her. When she did she was understandably startled. But despite their size difference Joseph, Dolores and the miniature singer became friends. Based on their mutual desire to travel and shared love for music, they decided to create the beetle stage. The trio travels around the world showcasing the miniature singers skills.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Decemberists....

....and Mexican food with my friend Jessica.

We started off with Mexican food at 'Mama's Mexican Kitchen' in Belltown. The Burritos were gigantic! Definitely the whale of burritos. And quite delicious. I like messy Mexican food the best.

The show was at the Paramount. I had never been there before but it is a beautiful theater. The place is festooned with chandeliers and the walls and ceilings are complete with ornate designs. It was fancy and I felt a bit under dressed in my jeans and t shirt. Luckily, everyone I saw was dressed in the casual manner of the modern day. I can imagine flappers and starlets from the 1920's coming here to mingle and meet debonair men. Of course there would be no alcohol allowed! But the clever flappers would have some gin hidden away in a flask somewhere.

The Decemberists didn't play any of my favorite songs which was disappointing, but it was still a fun show. I think they are at their best when they make folksy songs that sound a bit old fashioned and gypsy-esque but still have a good beat. And I like it best when the songs tell a story.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Mushroom Theater Presents Eliza and her Dancing Furry Friend

When Eliza and her furry friend first met, they had instant artistic chemistry. They shared the same appreciation for fungi, love of the absurd, and eagerness to dance. Many of their performances are completely improvisational. But they still seem effortless. It is almost as if they can read each others mind. In truth, Eliza and her rodent companion can read each others mind. After discovering this strange anomaly, they discussed what to do with their talent. The options were 1. Move to separate cities and never speak to each other again. It is dangerous living in the same town as someone who can read your mind. 2. Start some sort of magic show involving mind reading. They were both intrigued by this option but it seemed too hokey to them. or 3. Start an improvisational dance theater. This was obviously the best option. They both loved to dance and they loved the thrill of being on stage. So they started the Mushroom Theater. Once in a while they get it tiffs using ESP, which is a lot more exhausting than normal disputes. But for the most part, their endeavor has been a success.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Vernon and Andrea Find a Strange Insect

Andrea and Vernon live past the city and past all the small towns in the empty and abandoned plains. Many years ago, animals roamed the plains. There were small animals that burrowed in holes beneath the land. Larger animals shuffled through the long grasses of the plains, occasionally stopping to munch on the grass around them. But the animals left many years ago. Many of them died. Entire species disappeared into extinction. Other animals flocked to the safety of the surrounding rural towns. For years, not even an insect flitted in the skies above the plains. Even after the plains became safe again, most didn't go back. Andrea and Vernon decided to make a home there because Vernon like solitude and Andrea needed a lot of sunshine. Vernon was completely content with their life on the plains. Andrea though, felt lonely and was tired of Vernon being her only companion. When the strange insect first appeared on the plains, Vernon was dismayed. He didn't want to share his solitude waste land. Andrea hid her satisfaction from Vernon. She hoped the insect would be the first of many to return to the place they one abandoned.