Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cornelius Starman Cordially Welcomes You to His Moon Home

Cornelius Starman lives in a desert of space and open air filled only with a scattering of low density particles. His closest neighbors are light years away from him. It is a very lonesome existence for Cornelius. So when he does have a visitor, he makes sure to treat them with the utmost cordiality. With a graceful bow followed by a warm hug, he invites his visitor into his moon home. Despite the coolness and anxiety inducing emptiness of the space surrounding his house, the inside of his home is snug and cozy. Any visitor feel immediately at ease within. He always has a fire flickering and crackling in his hearth. His walls are decorated with quaint paintings of idyllic landscapes that Cornelius himself has never visited. He has paintings of rolling green hills and snow scattered forests, of glimmering blue lakes and spring gardens. Cornelius offers every visitor a warm mug of tea or hot coco and a slice of pie. Cornelius loves to bake and he has a special love for pies. He often makes the joke that his specialty is 'moon pies' although this is not true. He really shines when baking cherry or pumpkin pie. When not entertaining guests, which is the majority of the time, Cornelius eases his loneliness by constantly immersing himself in books and reading. He loves both fiction and nonfiction. But sometimes in moments of melancholy, he gazes out his window at far off stars and wonders what they are doing.

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