Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anastasia has an Odd Connection with the Bat

When Anastasia was a youngster, she never shared the aversion to bats that her girly-girl peers had. While they primly asserted that bats were loathsome, vial creatures, Anastasia found she had an affinity for the bat. What could be more delightful than a furry, flying mammal. They almost seemed magical! While for most people, seeing a bat was a rarity, Anastasia found that she saw them almost everywhere she went. She saw them peering at her from tree limbs or flapping dizzily through the sky. Once she saw a bat conspicuously smooshed between two robins on a telephone wire. But there was one bat that Anastasia saw over and over again. She could tell it was the same bat because wherever the bat went he seemed to be accompanied by the color green. Anastasia felt an odd connection to this particular bat. She wondered if she knew this bat in a past life. Maybe they were best friends or siblings. Maybe Anastasia was a bat herself in a past life.

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