Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cornelius Starman Cordially Welcomes You to His Moon Home

Cornelius Starman lives in a desert of space and open air filled only with a scattering of low density particles. His closest neighbors are light years away from him. It is a very lonesome existence for Cornelius. So when he does have a visitor, he makes sure to treat them with the utmost cordiality. With a graceful bow followed by a warm hug, he invites his visitor into his moon home. Despite the coolness and anxiety inducing emptiness of the space surrounding his house, the inside of his home is snug and cozy. Any visitor feel immediately at ease within. He always has a fire flickering and crackling in his hearth. His walls are decorated with quaint paintings of idyllic landscapes that Cornelius himself has never visited. He has paintings of rolling green hills and snow scattered forests, of glimmering blue lakes and spring gardens. Cornelius offers every visitor a warm mug of tea or hot coco and a slice of pie. Cornelius loves to bake and he has a special love for pies. He often makes the joke that his specialty is 'moon pies' although this is not true. He really shines when baking cherry or pumpkin pie. When not entertaining guests, which is the majority of the time, Cornelius eases his loneliness by constantly immersing himself in books and reading. He loves both fiction and nonfiction. But sometimes in moments of melancholy, he gazes out his window at far off stars and wonders what they are doing.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anastasia has an Odd Connection with the Bat

When Anastasia was a youngster, she never shared the aversion to bats that her girly-girl peers had. While they primly asserted that bats were loathsome, vial creatures, Anastasia found she had an affinity for the bat. What could be more delightful than a furry, flying mammal. They almost seemed magical! While for most people, seeing a bat was a rarity, Anastasia found that she saw them almost everywhere she went. She saw them peering at her from tree limbs or flapping dizzily through the sky. Once she saw a bat conspicuously smooshed between two robins on a telephone wire. But there was one bat that Anastasia saw over and over again. She could tell it was the same bat because wherever the bat went he seemed to be accompanied by the color green. Anastasia felt an odd connection to this particular bat. She wondered if she knew this bat in a past life. Maybe they were best friends or siblings. Maybe Anastasia was a bat herself in a past life.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Sun Adopts a New Hobby of Amauetur Theater Director of the Raindrop Players

The sun has always been a very serious individual. He sticks to his responsibilities without wavering into more lighthearted affairs. After four and a half billion years of strictly attending to his various responsibilities, the sun is exhausted. After all, there is quite a bit of pressure involved with being an entire solar systems sun. Earth, his most needy planet, depends on him to regulate the climate and weather patterns. Almost all of the life forms on earth depend on him to survive because of his assistance with photosynthesis. And the sun has received plenty of complaints regarding people sinking into depressive states when he is gone for to long. All of the pressure is making him tense and too tightly wound. He needs a hobby to take his mind of rigor of his responsibilities. What better hobby than theater director! The sun has bossy streak and a penchant for perfection. Two qualities that can often be irksome in everyday dealings but work perfect in the production of a successful play. His actors, the raindrop players, are a bit nervous about evaporation, but even the best actors get jitters on stage. The sun has high hopes for his theaters success!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Baked Goods

The cold weather has put me in the mood to bake! I still haven't perfected making beautiful looking baked goods, but everything tastes delicious. I especially have problems with muffins. They often end up quite short and stubby. I follow the directions in regards to how much of the batter I put into the tins, but they still seem to be awkwardly short. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Here are the brownies I made last Thursday.

Muffins are my favorite to make. (Despite my early complaints about my problem with their size.) There are so many variety of muffins to make. These are apple walnut muffins. Also, I think of muffins as being not quite us unhealthy as other baked goods. With baking, I always have an internal conflict between my desire to be healthy and my fondness for both sugar and baking.

Oatmeal cookies! I didn't have any raisins on hand so I made these without.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Iris is Dissapointed that her House with Wings never takes her on any Flights through the Air

When Iris moved into her new Moth House, she imagined she would be spending much time in her new house fluttering though the air. She has been in an airplane once and found it to be one of the most thrilling experiences of her entire life! She thought that living in a moth house would be rather similar to living in a plane in constant flight. She imagined her self on her couch with a steamy mug of tea. Instead of watching TV programs, she would peer out her windows and watch the world of the land shrinking below her. Instead, her moth house is just as rooted to the ground as her last place of residence. She will not stand for this! She must come up with a plan that will release her moth house.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

After an Exciting yet Turbulant Youth, Frances has Finally Found Peace Living in her Shell House by the Shore

In her youth, Frances led a an adventurous life full of excitement and the unexpected. She easily gave into what some would describe as frivolous whims and never spent too much time pondering major decisions. Frances spent a lot of her time traveling the oceans of the world. From the coasts of Italy, to little explored islands of the Pacific, to the cold waters boarding Nova Scotia, Frances was always finding a new place to explore. It was amazing all the different sea animals that existed in the world. Frances never thought she would want anything so mundane as stability! But as she grew older, all her youthful predictions couldn't help her longing for a place to call her own. So she set aside her adventurous life as a wanderer and now lives in a little seashell house. Now she finds contentment in the simple and calm aspects of life.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There are so many things to do together! I made the 'Let's Read' one awhile ago with the intention of making more. A year or so later, I finally did. I want to make a couple of more including 'Let's Bird Watch' and 'Let's Sew' and 'Let's Knit.' Maybe also, 'Let's Have a Tea Party.'

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Winters Outing to Carkeek Park

Last weekend D and I took advantage of the rain free skies and went to Carkeek park. One thing I love about Seattle is all the parks, so even though I live in a busy city their are still pockets of nature. Carkeek is one of my favorites! There are trails through wooded areas but D and I spent this particular outing on the shore. The park boarders Puget Sound, so it smells like the sea. I miss living close to the actual ocean but living near the sound is a treat too. The sound may not have waves or the enormity of an endless horizon, but there are still sea birds, sea shells to collect and tide pools to investigate. And of course the crispness of salt air!

My friend Ces told me that he heard from native Seattlites that there is rumor of a Carkeek Monster. He did not know the details of the monster and when I tried my own internet investigation, I found no results. I would imagine that it would not be a Big Foot type monster. If Big Feet exist, they probably live in densely forested area's far away from human civilization. (Although Harry and the Henderson's was filmed in Seattle. I tried to find the Henderson's house with no luck.) I would imagine a monster at Carkeek would be a creature that survived in both water and on land. During the days he would spend his time bobbing around in the water and at night he would emerge to explore the woods. He would probably be green and slimy with webbed feet, scales and bulging eyes. Despite his frightening appearance, he would have a kind and gentle temperament.

I found a lot of sea glass while at Carkeek and D made the observation that most sea glass seems to be green even though most bottles are brown or clear. Very curious, indeed! I tried to find the reason to this online, with no luck. I did learn that sea glass collecting is a popular hobby. But sea glass is becoming rare because people are more conscious about the environment. So instead of littering the glass bottles that become sea glass, people clean up after themselves.