Thursday, January 27, 2011

Abigail Attempts to Coax the Royal Alligator With Kind Words and a Gentle Touch

Abigail enjoys long meandering walks through the country side. She is a daydreamer and there is no better way to let her mind drift into sweet daydreams than while walking. One day she came across the royal alligator while walking. She had always thought that the royal alligator was only a legend, so at first she thought she was getting her day dreams mixed up with the mundanity of expected reality. But on closer inspection, she realized the alligator was existing in the same plane of reality of Abigail herself. It was quite an exciting discovery! If the royal alligator is real, what other fanciful creatures exist? It is not everyday that a person encounters a legendary creature, especially a royal one. Abigail decides to befriend the gator. The alligator is briefly interested, but he remembers his already busy schedule and decides he has no time in his life for this strange girl!