Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Marilyn Does Not Even Notice as the Flower Monster Slowly Skulk Behind Her

Marilyn is always so caught up in her own thoughts and daydreams that she often doesn't notice the world around her. She starts thinking about her own whimsical thoughts which can cause problems. She starts walking across streets when cars are coming or she bumps into fellow pedestrians. If Marilyn knew that she missed witnessing a flower monster, she would be sorely disappointed. The flower monster is almost more fantastical than her own daydreams.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Esther and Milton Will go Great Heights for Balloons

Esther and Milton experience great joy from balloons. They love to see balloons bobbling in the air just above their heads. It's a sort of magic that balloons can exist. It seems against the logic of gravity that anything can so simply float. So, when they see the green monster selling the balloons, they know that they must obtain some. The monster is accustomed to causing fear in potential balloon buyers, so she is quite delighted to find a pair with a love for balloons that over powers a fear for monsters.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Specimens from my Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

Here are more specimens from my D.I.Y. Curiosity Cabinet.

Shells: (Found on the seashore or given to me by my Mom.)

Nest and Broken Egg: (The nest was found near Woodland Park. The egg was found in Edmonds.)

Feathers: (Found various places. A couple of them were given to me by my Dad. He found them during his explorations of nature and The Great Outdoors.)

Seal Skull: (David found this on the beach.)

Pieces of Crabs: (I found these on the shore's of Edmonds.)

Mossy Stick: (Found in my Neighborhood.)

Sea Creature Vertebrate (Found by David on the Seashore.)

Piece of a Crab: (Found at a Marina.)

Kelp: (Found in salt water.)

Decaying Leaves: (Found in the forest.)

Snail Shell: (David found this in the Forest and gave it to me.)

Invertebrate Head: (Found at a marina.)

Hive: (Found at a Marina.)

Sea Urchins: (Found at a marina.)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jocelyn Enjoys Life in the Forest Where Everyday She Wakes up to the Smell of Tree Bark and Birch Leaves

Sometimes life can be lonely for Jocelyn. There are not very many People-Birds in this world, and this makes it difficult to fit in sometimes. But mostly she enjoys her solitary life in the forest. She loves the fresh forest air. She enjoys the shade of the forest and the sunshine as she flies over the forest's canopy. Jocelyn may not live a traditional life of excitement, but she appreciates simple pleasures of living as a bird girl in a birch forest.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Old Negatives

I found a bunch of old negatives recently and played around with them on picnik. I miss darkrooms but it was fun to use the computer to turn my negatives into positives.