Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sacramento! Location of Gold Fever, current dwelling of Mr. Schwarzenegger, and the place where David and his friends grew up! David and I traveled to Sacramento recently to go to a wedding of one of David's best friends from high school. Even though Sacramento was my state capital for most of my life, I have spent little time there. I remember going there for a field trip in fifth grade when we were learning about state government. I do not remember much from that visit, but I had grand time on my current visit. Mostly, we spent time with David's old high school chums because it was one of the few times that all the friends converged within the same city since actually being in high school. But in between the socializing, we swam in a nearby lake, visited the historic cemetery, and explored a local park. We tried to go to the planetarium but it was closed on the day of our attempt and we were leaving the next day. The Seattle planetarium really is a disappointment so I like to visit the planetariums of other cities in order to properly appreciate the beauty of artificial stars. Here are pictures from the trip:

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