Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Burt Reynolds and Frineds

Last Friday I went to a sleazy/ cheesy party. Danielle's 'Burt Reynolds' costume was the best.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rock Collection

When I was younger, my family and I liked to collect rocks from the beach or forest. We had a rock polisher so we can smooth down and shine up our rocks. We kept the polisher in the garage and from within the garage we could hear the constant 'clunk, clunk, clunk' of the rocks turning in circles within the polisher. I kept most of my rocks in jars, but I decided I wanted to more prominently display some of my geological specimens. Here they are:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thomas and Florence have a Preoccupation with the Forces of the Weather

Thomas loves cloudy days. He loves walking out his front door and looking up to see the blue sky blotted out by soft gray clouds. He loves the possibility of rain and the soft cool wind that cloudy days bring. Florence loves sunshine. She loves to walk outside and feel the warm sun rays on her skin. She loves to soak in the heat of the bright sunshine.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Day We Went Downtown to go to Art Museums and I took Pictures of the Pigeons

Ces, Jennifer and I headed downtown a couple of weekends ago for free museum day. We decided to go to the SAM and the Frye. It turns out the Frye is always free. I have been to the SAM several times before, but it was my first time visiting the Frye. Most of the museum was closed because they were installing new exhibits. They had one room open in the back of the museum. Their were hundreds of paintings in ornate golden colored frames hung top to bottom of the museum.
Despite all the beautiful paintings, I ended up taking photographs of pigeons and buildings:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Marie and Samuel Try to Impress the Moon by Creating Galaxies, but he is Uninterested

Being a moon can be a difficult task at times. The whole human population of Earth gazes at the moon in reverence and wonder, which can be a lot of pressure. The moon has to make sure to properly govern the ocean's tides. He doesn't even like to think about the time he almost slept through a low tide. What's worse is that every once in a while Earths humans expect a solar eclipse. The gaudy showmanship of the whole ordeal makes the moon anxious. Sometimes his star colleagues try to take the pressure off by performing tricks, but the moon can not be bothered. He really has too much to do and can not spend his time watching a couple of stars creating galaxies.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photographs from the Night I Saw Arcade Fire

My friend Jessica got me into see Arcade Fire for free!! Before the show, we went to a dive bar with bright red seats and mirrors everywhere. We met a group of her friends that were also going to see the music. Excluding my friend, the four other people went to the same college I did. This is a coincidence because we all live in Seattle but went to a small college in Northern California. While I was at the bar, I was told the scariest first hand account of a ghost story I've heard yet. With thoughts of ghosts swirling around in my mind, we went to see the band play. It was a great show. I have not heard their new album yet, but they played a lot from their other two. I'm most familiar with 'Funeral,' but ever since the show, I've been listening and relistening to the song 'Intervention' from 'Neon Bible.' Right now, I'm in love with that song. Here are some picture's from the show:

The inflatable duck looming in the dark while I was waiting for my bus ride home:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mitzy is the Proud Drum Major of an Unusual Band

Mitzy heard that marching band is full of sweet nerds and odd ball's. It sounded like the perfect place for her. But even with the marching band crowd she didn't quite fit in. So she left the marching band to form a musical duo with a soulful lion and a proud little bird. Together, they do not always make the most beautiful of music but they always have fun.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sacramento! Location of Gold Fever, current dwelling of Mr. Schwarzenegger, and the place where David and his friends grew up! David and I traveled to Sacramento recently to go to a wedding of one of David's best friends from high school. Even though Sacramento was my state capital for most of my life, I have spent little time there. I remember going there for a field trip in fifth grade when we were learning about state government. I do not remember much from that visit, but I had grand time on my current visit. Mostly, we spent time with David's old high school chums because it was one of the few times that all the friends converged within the same city since actually being in high school. But in between the socializing, we swam in a nearby lake, visited the historic cemetery, and explored a local park. We tried to go to the planetarium but it was closed on the day of our attempt and we were leaving the next day. The Seattle planetarium really is a disappointment so I like to visit the planetariums of other cities in order to properly appreciate the beauty of artificial stars. Here are pictures from the trip: