Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Day We Went to the Circus

My friend Meg won free tickets to the circus! The acrobatics were amazing!

On the way to the circus:

* The tractors look like metal dinosaurs lumbering in the dirt.

*The railroad tracks are empty.

* Green pipes wait to be used.

*The sun is lowering. The trucker just begins his day. He listens to the radio and sings along to old songs and his truck rumbles along the road.

In the Parking Lot:

On the way to my Seat:

*My shadow stretches on the stairs.

At the Circus:
*Before they became contortionists they traveled around the world on a shoe string budget. Instead of flying first class they traveled in three sturdy suitcases. A red one, a yellow one, and a blue one.

*The popcorn man. When he was a child he ran away to join the circus. But he had no interest in showmanship. During the intermissions he sells popcorn, but during the show he is just as enchanted by the show as the rest of the audience.

*The Tight Rope Walker. The tight rope walker only feels vertigo when his feet are firmly planted on the ground. He wishes the whole world was made of ropes high in the sky leading from one place to another.

* The Clowns. In their real life, the clowns aren't very funny. They look like to ordinary men, living ordinary lives. But as soon as they put on their clown make up and oversized shoes, they make the whole world laugh with merriment.

* The Ring Acrobat. When she was little she loved going to her grandma's house. Her grandmother had a great love for birds. The living room had a dozen different bird cages. The ring acrobat liked to watch them daintily swing back and forth on their rings. Now as she does her acrobats in the air, she thinks of her grandmothers birds.

*The ringleader. He always had charisma and his mother always knew he'd be a star. If he had desired he could have been a TV personality or even an actor on the silver screen. But all he ever wanted was to be a part of the circus.

*The motorcycle ball. Their mothers all insist that they call home after each show. If they forgot, their poor mothers dreams are riddled with crashes and balls of fire.

* The Bionic Brothers. They spent their childhood practicing feats of strength and balance instead of playing ball or climbing trees. During the summer they travel with the circus. During the fall and winter months they live in adjacent cottages by the sea. They wake up early every morning to practice on beach. During the early fall evenings before it gets to stormy, they take long swims in the sea to keep their muscles in good shape.

After the Circus:
*Pancakes at an almost empty all-night diner.

*P.S. All stories about the people in the circus are made up. I don't know anything about their real life except that they are talented circus performers. :)

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