Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oliver and Theadora Holiday at the Seashore in an Attempt to Get Back to Their Roots

Oliver wanted to vacation in the desert because he had never been. Theadora wanted to visit the mountains because she loved that fresh mountain air. They settled on a compromise. They would visit the land of the their ancestors: The pacific ocean. They plan to sunbathe, wade in the ocean, and maybe even search for locals who they are related to.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Narwhal Diorama

Here is a diorama I made of a Narwhal: the Unicorn of the Sea.

A friend told me that Narwhal horns are made of cartilage. So when a narwhal skeleton is found, it does not have a horn. She used this bit of info as evidence that the unicorn may indeed, have existed. But when unicorn skeletons are discovered, it is assumed to have belonged to the common horse. I like this theory! However, when I did research on narwhal horns, I could not find any information backing up the claim that their horns are made of cartilage. I even saw a picture of a weathered narwhal skull with a horn. In my research I also found that the horn is a tooth. At first my research on the Narwhal horn left me feeling disappointed. But it turns out the Narwhal horn is amazing even if it can not lend proof to the existence of unicorns. Here is a short radio segment about the narwhal horn that I found during my investigating.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Here is a dinosaur diorama I made. David gave me the idea to use the fake plant. It is a fake plant for aquariums.

Today David and I ate brunch at Dennys. Behind our booth was a family with English accents. I was very excited to hear them actually use the slang "governor." I didn't know English people still used this slang. I only hear it in old movies. I looked on the website English slang and colloquialisms used in the United Kingdom to find the definition of 'governor' as a slang. Here is what they say:

"Noun. 1. One's employer.
2. A term of address, sir. Often seen spelt guv'ner. Cf. 'guv.'"

I think that this slang should be brought to the states!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Photos of Cats and People.

Here are some photo's of cat's and people that I took recently. Except for the last photo which is neither cat nor person.

Today, I had an interesting experience while walking to the grocery store. A man holding a large stick stopped me and said "You look happy." I said that I was happy. (I just got off work and the weather in Seattle is quite a warm anomaly for this time of the year. Whats not to be happy about?) He said he was happy too. Then he told me about his stick. He found the stick while peeing in a yard. He's a martial arts expert and is going to have a friend carve it into a sword so he can use it in his martial arts. This is when I got a hands on tutorial on how to use the large stick as a sword. I'm not sure how graceful I was swinging that stick, but it was entertaining to try. My new martial arts friend then proceed to mumble a long rambling story. I couldn't quite hear a great majority of this rant, but what I gathered was that he was yelled at by the person who owns the property in which he had earlier peed on. In retaliation, he yelled an offensive racial slur at the unhappy home owner. I didn't know what to say to this story! I think he wanted me to sympathize with his plight but I certainly don't want to encourage peeing in strangers yards or yelling racial slurs. I think I said "oh" which is a response I rely to heavily on when I am at a loss for words. After his story, he invited me to watch Avatar with him, but I politely declined. With a sense of relief and bemusement, I was on my way!