Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Anteater

Here is a poem I wrote recently.....

The Anteater

The sticky summer air
coaxes the ants
into an organized frenzy.

Shimmering black dots
communicating invisibly
with the drift of soundless pheromones-
their crooked antennas
perceiving ancient stories
told in less than one syllable.

A boy stoops over the moving mass
he places his finger tip
gently on top of the slowly shifting hill.

The ants on the top of the pile
scurry and scatter away
revealing more ants underneath
in their confusion
ants climb up his arm.

The boy imagines he is an anteater
his arm a leathery trunk
slowly sucking in the ants.

Tiny insect legs
scuttle across his sunburnt skin
tickling the boy.
He clumsily brushes the ants away
and forgets about being an anteater.


The boy is at home for dinner
and one ant remains
the ant crawls across the boys face
and pauses at his cheek.

his mother glances at her son
and drops her spoon
it clatters against her plate
and topples with a thud to the hardwood floor.

On his face is a mole she's never noticed before.
The years staring at his face
feeling his forehead when he is sick,
brushing dirt from his chin
and she had never noticed the mole.
She wonders what else she does not know about her son.
She wonders what else she has neglected to perceive.

Outside the anthill is still moving
their tiny black bodies
gleam a rusty orange
under the setting sun
the colony of tiny workers
does not notice the missing ant.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Extending a mossy greeting to you......

Monday, February 15, 2010

Squirrel Diorama

Here is a new diorama I made. It is forest themed.

Once when I visited my grandmother as a child, I noticed that all of the squirrels around her home were white. It was very strange because I had never seen a white squirrel before, and I haven't since. My guess is two albino squirrels mated and had a bunch of adorable albino babies.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Meeting of the Sharp Shooters

My friend Ces and I are very skilled at starting clubs. We started 'Dirty Needles,' our art and craft club and 'Marauders Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Club.' Now we've started a new one: Sharp Shooters. It is a photography club. We go on outings to aesthetically beautiful or interesting places and take pictures. Our first meeting was at Golden Gardens.
I walked from my bus stop to golden gardens which ended up being a rather long walk. But on the way I met a guy on a bike who wanted to show me a picture of his. Unfortunately, the glare from the sun was so bad I could not see it. But he described the picture to be of the fake pyramid in Las Vegas with an Orb like light over it. He was very bashful about it, but he thought it might be pictures of aliens or UFO's. Neat! I wish I had been able to see the photo.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eva Wonders Whether Her Seal Pup is Actually Mechanical

Eva loves her dear, sweet seal pup. But she finds it suspicious that her seal pup has been a pup for three years now. She's heard the rumors about the mechanical seal's swimming the seas near her home. But she had always refused to believe they were true. Eva always felt her and her pup had a strong relationship. But she wonders if the love she believes her seal pup has for her is true if it comes from a machine.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jonah Did Not Realize How Difficult it would be to Quell his Pet Sea Monsters Irresitable Urge to Return to the Sea

Jonah loves to collect exotic pets. As a young, rich heir, he spends his time and money traveling to far off lands collecting strange creatures to add to his personal zoo. He has strange and beautiful birds of paradise, a lovely but feirce pet tigress, several bizarre reptiles, and a collection of rodents from South America. The pet sea monster was going to be the pride and joy of his collection. If only the sea monster was not so obstinate! First he had the nerve to quickly surpass the size of his tank. Now, he constantly schemes to escape Jonahs watch in order to head back to the sea.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Harriet Feels Apprehensive About the Lack of Water in Her Whale Village

Harriet has lived in the Whale Village her whole life. The village was once abundant with water, but lately, the water supply has been rather baron. Harriet had planned to spend her whole life in the whale village. But now, she has decided she must go on a quest to find more water in order to keep the village alive. She feels forlorn and nervous about her upcoming journey.

I recently watched the movie 'Orphans of the Storm.'

Its a silent film staring Lillian and Dorthy Gish. The movie is about the French Revolution! I love watching silent films for many reasons: The olden-day fashion, jaunty music, insights into the past and over exaggerated acting that is needed for a movie with no heard dialogue. It is really fun watching the overemphasized movements and expressions of the actors in this film. It is definitely a different sort of acting that is employed today.

I found this part of a Palm print on one of the shots.

I like this because it is evidence of an unknown persons existence in an unexpected place. It is probably the palm print of someone who worked on the film. They never knew that almost a hundred years later, strangers would see a flash of their Palm print while watching the movie they worked on.