Thursday, January 28, 2010

goat, brain, leaf, moon

Here is "leaf art" I have recently finished.

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a very interesting story about 'The Great Moon Hoax. Here's a link to the radio article. Just click on episode 24.

The Moon

In 1835, The New York Sun published articles supposedly about discoveries of the life and habitat of the moon. The articles described beavers that lived in little huts and started fires, blue unicorns, and people with wings. There were six articles about the 'moon discoveries' and at first the readers believed that the articles were sincere. I think it would be amazing to live in a time where it seems plausible that there could be unicorns and winged-people on the moon.
There are two common motives for people who create hoaxes. One motives origins are to maliciously trick people in order to make ones self feel superior to them, or to exert a sense of control over them. Once I was watching a TV show about big foot, and a man who created fake big foot evidence was interviewed. This man spent hours making artificial 'big feet' to leave imprints in the forest floors in order to trick big foot enthusiasts. This guy thought it was a hoot that people were falling for his tricks. He felt better then them, because he was basically proving that they were fools.
Another motive for a hoax is to inspire awe, or give hope. I think this was the motive behind the 'great moon hoax.' Telling children that Santa Claus exists is another example of this kind of hoax.
Over all, I'm not sure how I feel about hoaxes. Of course I am opposed to malicious hoaxary. But I am unsure how I feel about hoaxes that inspire hope. It is almost a gift to truly believe in something magical. But I'm not sure that the disappointment of finding out it is not true is worth the prior belief. And if something magical is disproven once, it is more difficult to believe in something magical again. Just like people with broken hearts who think they will never love again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fence and Ninja

I was quite lucky to capture this photo of a real life ninja. Usually, they successfully evade any photos. Ninjas are well known for their stealth, nimbleness and slyness. It must have been an off day for this ninja!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Olga and Gottfried the Tiger are Simultaneously Bemused and Amused by the Appearance of The Flower Man.

Most tigers are fairly ferocious, but Gottfried has always had a sweet side. This is partly what attracted Olga to adopt Gottfried as her most cherished confidant. They've been part of many an adventure together, and whilst adventuring, they've met plenty a strange and peculiar character. So when The Flower Man surfaced on the scene, they were not utterly shocked. Olga found the strange presence of The Flower Man a bit amusing, While Gottfried mostly felt bewildered by such a strange creature, who embodied both fauna and flora. After overcoming their initial reaction of the strange fellow, they now need to decide if they want to welcome him into their friendship, in order to transform their duo into a troupe.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Best Album of 2009 is......

'The Royal We' by Christina Antipa!

Her music has the perfect combo of beautiful melodies, amazing lyrics and lovely vocals.

She also has a music video for her song "Doctor of Love."

I have the fortune to be in this video! The reason why I am in the video is because Christina is a friend, which may slightly discredit my claim that her album is the best of the year. But I firmly believe that I would love this album the best even if I had never met Christina. But, I do think it is a happy thing when the person who makes something that I love is also a great person. It is so disappointing to find out that the creator of something I love or admire or relate to is not such a great person. Its hard to seperate the creation from the creator. Although, I don't want perfection from artists and musicians and writers either. Art would be no good if it was done by a person without any flaws.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Extoskeletons from a few Curious Creatures

Here are some beautiful sea creature exoskeletons that I found around Seattle:

I recently made a mixed Cd that I am excited about listening to! it is called 'All the Birds Joined Together to Push the World into a New Galaxy.' Here is the play list:

1.Prenzlauerberg- Beirut
2. Such a Lovely Thing- DeVotchKa
3. Romozom- Kal
4. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)- Arcade Fire
5. The Funeral- Band of Horses
6. Taj Mahal- Michel Warlop
7. Carriage without a Driver- Phillip Glass with the Kronos Quartet
8. A Woman's Life and Love- Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
9. Colors and the Kids- Cat Power
10. Here's Your Ghost- Christina Antipa
11. Petit Succes- Oliver Libaux Feat
12. Here Comes the Sun- The Boswell Sisters
13 Cherry Blossoms- Polka Dot Dot Dot
14. You Never Miss the Water (till the Well Runs Dry)- The Mills Brothers
15. Southern Anthem- Iron and Wine
16. English House- Fleet Foxes
17. Famous Blue Raincoat- Leonard Cohen
18. Holland, 1945- Little Wings
19. Ten Feet Tall- The Devil Makes Three
20. a Minor Place- Bonnie Prince Billy

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.

I checked out the book 'Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation' from the library in order to learn more about reincarnation. I am undecided on my opinion of what happens to us after we die, but I like the idea of reincarnation. I would like to know what it is like to be other people and to see the world through their eyes. This is part of the appeal of both reincarnation and reading novels! However, I did not end up reading this book, so I have no wisdom to impart upon the subject of reincarnation. What I particularly liked about the book was the title page where somebody wrote: 1918 Oct 31 Born/ Feb 8 2007 Died.

I think a prior library patron checked out this book in order to research the past or future life of somebody who was born on October 31st, 1918 and died February 8th, 2007. My guess is that a woman's beloved grandmother died just as the woman was pregnant with her first child. The woman just found out that her baby is going to be a daughter. She is going to name her daughter after her grandmother but she is hoping that through reincarnation her daughter will inherit more than just her grandmothers name.

What goes better with a discussion of the after life than pictures of the sky as the sun rises. (I guess a sunset would be more appropriate.) I woke to a beautiful sky above Seattle. It's a nice thing to wake up to.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Embroidered Leaf With Circles

Here is something I made this Autumn but forgot about. The leaf was resting between two pages in a book. I glued it to a dismantled cover of another book. I love finding forgotten pressed plants waiting to be fount in between pages. During the fall I am always finding strangely colored leaves to press and during the spring I am always finding flowers to press. Throughout the year I find them waiting for me pressed in between the pages of heavier books. I now have a photo album where I specifically keep my pressed plant collection, so I have been more vigilant about removing my pressed plants after enough time has passed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Animals!

Here are pictures of fish, my cat Mue Mue, and my cat Klaus. I also have another cat Wendel but every time I try to take a photo of him, he runs away. These are all modified pictures.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Eleanor at the Aquarium

Here is a poem I wrote recently....

Eleanor at the Aquarium

Part One

The dim afternoon
heaves great breathes
and orange leaves swirl
across the gray blotted sky

The pavement glimmers
from morning rain
the air smells sweet

Eleanor goes to the aquarium
to escape the Autumn afternoon
Inside, the air is thick and muffled
Outside, the rain begins again

Part Two

Wander through dark rooms
with glowing blue tanks
simple glimpses
into an almost make believe world

Part Three

Eleanor pretends she is swimming through the sea
next to her hips
she slowly waves her hands
in smooth and gentle circles
the way she use to
in summer swimming pools

At the largest tank
hundreds of fish swim
but to Eleanor, it looks like there are thousands
they glide around the tank
in lonely circles

The fish ignore her
except for the largest fish
who swims right to her
and stares into her oval face
She wonders how old the fish is
She wonders if he misses the sea

Behind her, a gray haired woman stands
distracted from the fish
by Eleanor, in her orange wool jacket
outlined against the blue water

The woman thinks of the thousands
of fingers that have pressed against the glass
She thinks of the microscopic germs
more bizarre than the octopus
Its eight tentacles
rippling through the water
its sad yellow eyes
bored of the hundreds of faces it sees everyday

The woman wants to clutch Eleanor's shoulders
tug her away from the glass
to save her from what she can not see

behind the woman stands a stranger
ignoring the fish to watch the gray hair in front of him
in the wavering blue light of the aquarium
the gray hair glistens like the sky
after a rainstorm
just as the sun begins to seep through the clouds

the hair is beautiful
because the sky is beautiful and
he thinks about birds and flight
and what it would feel like
to be inside a cloud

standing inside the aquarium
he wonders if he will ever really understand
the sky or the sea

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Pictures.

Here are a few modified pictures from the Holiday Season. I altered all of these with Picnic. Modifying pictures is pretty fun. I entitled the post 'Holiday Pictures,' although none of these are obviously holiday themed. The Karaoke pictures and the beach pictures are from Christmas, and the rest are from New Years except for the sunshine picture which was taken in between the two holidays. Now the Holidays are over and it is back to normal life.

So, the big question of the year seems to be is it Twenty-Ten or Two Thousand and Ten? I prefer the sound of Twenty-Ten, but I am so accustumed to saying Two Thousand and whatever that I will probably be saying Two Thousand and Ten. Unless Twenty-Ten becomes popular and then I will be so use to hearing other people say it eventually I will be too.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gloria Wonders if the Animals Will Ever Let her Stop Dancing

Gloria has always been a talented dancer, and when the animals wanted her to dance for them, she felt extremely flattered. She showed them the Charleston, the Lindy Hop, the twist, the locomotion, a couple of ballet moves and a tap dance. But now she is exhausted. She asked if she could stop dancing, but the animals begged for more. She wants to refuse the animals request, but something in her won't let her stop! So she just keeps dancing. The hours drag by, and she just keeps dancing.

Friday, January 1, 2010

D.I.Y. Natural History Museum

David found a display box in a free pile and gave it me. I used it to make a D.I.Y. natural history museum with my collection of seashore treasures. I found all of these eitehr on the beaches of Charelston, the beaches of Humboldt County, or the marinas of Seattle.