Thursday, September 24, 2009

Found Objects

Here are treasures I found at marinas or on a path in Woodland Park.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Things to Wear

I have been sewing a lot more often lately. Here are some more shirts that I have made.

All of the fabric was found at thrift stores. I love finding thrift store fabric because it is more likely to be unique. The original buyer could of bought the fabric decades ago in Ohio when she was working at the 'Cincinnati Theater House' as the renowned costume designer.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Birds Nest Discovery

I found this birds nest on the edge of a wooded area near my home. Viewing a birds nest up close is one of those things that makes me think "Wow, animals sure are amazing." Constructing such a tightly made and useful nest using a beak and materials found from the world around them is quite ingenious of those birds!

I was very interested to hear the news about Bulgaria's amazing lottery coincidence. The same six numbers were pulled at two consecutive lotto drawings. I like extreme coincidences. It makes the world seem more mysterious. Although, the world is already mysterious. But coincidences of all sorts always makes me feel like anything is possible.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dinosaurs, Stripes and Roses

Here are some new shirts I've made. They are up on my gleeclub etsy shop .

I made myself a new mixed CD that I am excited about so I am going to share the playlist. I named the CD 'The Alphabet Grew Strong on a Diet of Milk and Honey.'

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
2. Sing Out- Cat Stevens (this song was used in Harold and Maude, the best movie ever!)
3. Waverly Ohio- Jordon O' Jordan (I'm always impressed with Jordon O'Jordan's clever lyrics.)
4. Your Protector- Fleet Foxes
5. Beautiful Place- Christina Antipa (She's amazing! This is my favorite song from her new Album 'The Royal We.')
6. An Evening in Caroline- The Boswell Sister
7. A Reefer and a Bottle of Gin- Bessie Smith
8. All Your Love- Brenda Holloway
9. Ooh Child- The Five Stairsteps
10. Nantes- Beruit
11. Fado Alfacinha- Amalia Rodrigues
12. Ma Blonde Est Partie- Amedee Breaux
13. I Ain't Got No Home in this World Anymore- Woody Guthrie
14. Southern Can is Mine- Blind Willie Mctell
15. Moonlight in Vermont- Billie Holiday
16. Nothing to Worry About- Peter Bjorn and John
17. Ready for the Floor- Hot Chip
18. Clara- Caetano Veloso
19. Come Fly with Me- Frank Sinatra
20. Tumbling Tumbleweeds- Pied Pipers
21. Shortenin' Bread- The Andrews Sisters
22. Fidelity- Regina Spektor
23. Only Love Can Break Your Heart- Neil Young

Monday, September 7, 2009

Island Adventure!

This holiday weekend, a whole crew of us headed to beautiful San Juan Island for a camping trip. I have not done as much exploring of Washington as I should have by now. It is nice that I have moved from one beautiful state (California) to another (Washington). San Juan Island was amazing! It was so beautiful, as you can see from my snapshots!

We saw lots of neat animals such as seals, jellyfish, deer, a bald eagle, a fox, and killer whales.

When we saw the killer whales for the first time, we had so many questions about these creatures. Luckily we met a whale genius little girl. She informed us all about the ins and outs of the whales around San Juan Island. (Example: The male whales have a larger dorsal fin.) We learned the names of some of the whales ( Oreo, Cookie and Double Stuff. Why do people love giving animals food names?) The whale genius little girl was also an artist. She informed me that she had be practicing since she was three years old.

I always love looking at tide pools!

It is always important to leave the city and see bits of wilderness.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Verdict is in! Butterscotch Ginger Cookies are Quite Tasty!

I recently made some delicious cookies! I have made these cookies many times before, because I love them. They are Butterscotch Ginger cookies. I found the recipe on the web sight I like this web sight because anybody can post recipes of their food creations. I like imaging bored housewives exercising their creative energy by cooking unique culinary masterpieces. Or retired professors keeping their minds active by learning complicated cooking techniques rather than by participating in the traditional intellectual world. Or college students, cooking for themselves for the first time, and utterly thrilled with the strange and thrifty recipes they come up with. Unfortunately, I think this recipe was posted by a chocolate chip company trying to promote their less popular butterscotch chips. Usually when I cook recipes from this sight, I feel like I am connected to an amateur cook somewhere in the country, say, the Midwest. Maybe she is a 70 year old grandmother with 4 grandchildren living on a small farm and part of her churches quilting circle and I am none of these. But we are connected because I made her 'World Famous Green Bean Casserole' recipe. This is way better than being connected to some company! Although, I guess they pay their specially hired genius cooks the big bucks for a reason.

Here's a picture of one of those cookies:


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An Aquatic Wonderland

I am so pleased to have fish tanks at my home. It is very peaceful to watch fish swim around their underwater universe. A lot has happened since I last posted about the fish. First, my favorite shrimp, Evelyn the Ghost Shrimp, passed away. I loved watching her because she was more active than any of the fish. She would swim across the tanks in these arcs that started on one side of the tank and ended on the other. I liked to imagine rainbows flowing behind her. All of our other shrimp like to stay in one spot or hide. Also, all of our cardinal tetras died, including 'Little Trouper,' our fish who survived the death of all his mates. The tetras got a common fish disease called 'ick.' Strange yellowish spots appear on their body, and soon they die. Since then, we have gotten more cardinal tetras. The red and blue coloring looks so good against the green of the plants in the tank. We also have Bill, our honey gourami. We have two Danios, one is named Horatio and the other is unnamed. We also have an unnamed clown loach. His job is to eat the excess snails.
I love the plants in our tank. They are so lovely. David is a true aquatic plant artist. We have another tank, too. It has only plants at the moment. Here are some pictures of our aquatic wonderland.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Braille Illustration # 29

I'm almost out of braille paper for my braille illustrations. I don't know where I'll find more!

I found this collection of shells at Elliot Bay. They are almost shaped like a heart.