Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Seal was Delighted when the Miniture Mermaid Wanted to be his Friend

The seal lives a facinating life of discovery! There is so much to see in the depths of the ocean, and the seal has seen quite a bit. But his favorite sea creature he has ever witnessed was the miniture mermaid. He spied her from afar and was quite impressed by the tiny magical creature. Fish and whales are all amazing, but the seal felt almost star-struck to see a real life mysical being. When the miniture mermaid wanted to be his friend, he was even more estactic. Both their easy going temperments and jolly sense of humor are similiar, which makes being friends easy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wyatt Never Imagined his Joy of Fishing Would Lead to Such Extraordinary Aquatic Discoveries

Wyatt always enjoyed the simplistic nature of the sport of fishing. He loved to row out in his little boat with his fishing rod just before the sun rose. Gazing out upon the still lake, Wyatt would patiently wait for the familiar tug of a caught fish. But on a peculiar day where Wyatt's normal grace was marred by a fit of clumsiness, he toppled overboard. Instead of sinking under the murky waters, he landed with a smack upon a slimy fish. The fish took him for a jolly adventure into a little seen part of the fishing lake. Wyatt never viewed fishing the same again.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wilfred and His Lobster Patiently Await the Arrival of the Ships

Here is a new painting of Wilfred sitting atop a lobster who is his dear friend. Years ago, Wilfred's family sailed across the sea in the hopes of finding a legendary land of eternal youth and gold. Being the only child in his family, Wilfred was left behind to continue his education. The plan was to retrieve Wilfred after discovering the legendary land. But they never returned. Wilfred is the only bird-person in his town and he often feels isolated. He misses his clever mother and cheerful father. Everyday, he looks out to the horizon, hoping his family will return. For now, at least he has the friendship of his faithful companion, his lobster.

The other day while working on a boat I saw a peculiar sign hanging over the door to the interior of the boat. It was written with sharpie on a piece of cardboard and said 'danger.' Underneath a large arrow pointed diagonally. At the tip of the arrow was a crude drawing of what appeared to be a goblins face. At first I was a bit irritated... did I need to be worried about this unspecified 'danger' the sign warned of? But, their appeared to be no real danger, so instead I made up a story of what the 'danger' sign was referring to. In my story, the sign warned of a real goblin. After all, that is what the arrow pointed to! I imagined that the boat and her owner had traveled to a far off island with little human contact. Not only were there rare birds and lizards to marvel at, but there were goblins frolicking across the sandy shores. The boat owner of course was very intrigued, because like most of us, he thought that goblins didn't truly exist. After his amazement subsided, his thoughts meandered over to the the shimmering image of dollar signs! Scientists would pay a pretty penny for a goblin specimen to experiment upon. With a spare fish net, he hid in a tree, waiting for an unsuspecting goblin. Alas, a lone goblin wandered right underneath him. The boat owner lunged from the low hanging tree branch and flung the net over the goblin. Before his goblin friends could come to his rescue or even notice his absence, the boat owner had fled back to his boat and set sail back on the sea toward home. He is now keeping the goblin captive on his boat until the highest bidder pays up. Of course, the boat owner isn't completely without scruples, so he drew a sign warning people of the goblin. After all, goblins can be dangerous!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh, California!

...where everyone is a movie star, the sun is always shining, and surfing to work is the preferred means of transportation.

I recently went back to California to visit my family. My favorite outing was the visit to the seashore. I miss living near the ocean. I took lots of photos at the beach and elsewhere. I modified that at home using Picnic.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pressed Flora, Part One

I have a whole collection of pressed leaves and flowers. They are quite cheap and easy to collect, so my pressed plant collection will keep on 'growing' (pun intended...har har!). Here are the fist ten pages of my pressed flora collection.