Friday, November 20, 2009

Annabelle and The Bear Often Quarrel While on the Ice

Something about being out on the ice together brings out the argumentative side of both Annabelle and the bear. While engaged in other activities such as baking or bowling, they never argue. Annabelle attributes the constant bickering while on ice to the oafish nature of The Bear. While on the ice, one wants to be graceful, and The Bear can't help but to look clumsy as he totters on his skates. Annabelle believes this leads to a cranky disposition in her friend The Bear. The Bear thinks the arguments arise from Annabelle being cold. The Bear rarely has to worry about low temperatures with the thick fur covering his body. Poor Annabelle doesn't have such luck. Her jealousy of The Bears fur mingled with her discomfort due to the chilly air lead to a grumpy and argumentative attitude. Both friends keep their theories private.

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