Monday, August 31, 2009

Whale Diorama: Flowers and a Shell

Here is a new whale diorama I made. I found the shell somewhere along the shiny sanded beaches of South Carolina. The fabric was found in a box at a thrift shop in Eureka, California.

My mom sent me a tea cup and part of a tea set recently. I am not suppose to actually use the tea pot because apparantly it was polished using cancer causing silver polish, so it is purely for ashtechtic purposes. This is quite dissapointing because look at how pretty it is!

The tea cup, however, I can use.

Every cup of tea feels fancy with this tea cup.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Found in Nature- Sketches

Here are some sketches I did recently of different curiosities found in nature.

Recently, I was in the car, merrily singing along to a Rolling Stones CD, when I came up with a new invention idea: The Steering Wheel Microphone.
Who doesn't like to sing in the car while driving? It is almost as satisfying as singing in the shower. Driving can be tedious and frustrating, but the experience can be transformed. Especially while speeding down the highway, with the wind in your hair while singing along to a favorite CD. But, singing while driving would feel far more epic with a tiny microphone hooked up to your steering wheel. While the driver bellows out renditions of their favorite music, their voice can be amplified as if they were on their own personal moving stage. The seemingly infinite wait that traffic jams seem to create would be whittle away in no time if the wait was spent singing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Braille Illustration # 28

I thought amnesia really only happened in soap opera, but apparently it is real! This morning, the Seattle Times had a very interesting article about a real life amnesia case. A man woke up in the woods, and his memory had vanished. He didn't know what he was doing in the woods, but even more seriously, he didn't know who he was.

Here is where you can find the original story.

Amnesia is a fascinating phenomenon. If a person doesn't know much, at least they know who they are.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Braille Illustration # 27

I read a very interesting tidbit from Wikipedias front page today:

"Did you know that metamaterials with a negative refractive index cause light to bend in unusual ways (pictured) and offer the possibility of making an object undetectable to incident radiation (that is, invisible)?"


No surprise that scientists are researching this for possible use in military situations. But maybe in 50 years, people will be able to go to their local clothing store and buy invisibility suits. First, the suits would only be available to rich people. This would of course cause even more distrust of the absurdly wealthy in our nation. Who knows when a rich person is lurking around unseen in their invisibility suit? Tyrannic Bosses will be another center of even more distrust. These bosses would most likely buy these suits to spy on their employees. Eventually, the suits would be available for everyone. When this happens, heat sensing goggles will also become more popular. If you can see the invisible people around you, at least you will see their body heat through your heat sensing goggles. I think invisibility suits would make for a quite paranoid nation.

I think there could be some interesting experiments using the invisibility suit. The experiments would test humans extra senses: The sense the one is being followed, the sense that someone else is in a room with you, and the sense that one is being watched. In 1940's film noir movies, people often 'sense that they are being followed.' Its difficult to judge if they are really being followed or just paranoid. People say 'they sensed something was in the room with them' all the time to justify hauntings or ghosts. So, can people sense the presence of others? I don't known how many times I have tried to slyly people watch, only to have my efforts foiled by my watched person seeming to sense my intrusive stare. So, did they sense my eyes watching them? All these questions could be solved with the invisibility suit!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Braille Illustration # 26

My favorite part of summer are the fruit salads! There are so many tasty fresh fruits available during the summer time. Here is my golden rule when it comes to fruit salads: For a perfect fruit salad, you need watermelon, bananas and strawberries. For some reason, watermelon, bananas and strawberries taste delecious together! Once you have your base of these three fruits, then add anything you want. Although, I find that apples are not that great in fruit salads.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Braille Illustration # 25

Yesterday I presented the dragonfly I found. Well, I also found a Moth. This one was by my front door.

I like moths because they are really pretty, but they are always overshadowed by the butterfly. I think that if butterflies didn't exist, everyone would think moths were quite beautiful. The circumstances of many moths lives would make a good plot for a tragic story. During the dark of night, they search for light. They find their searched for light in the form of street lamps or lights in front of houses. Often times they become caught in the lights or the light is to hot for them and they die. So their sought after and beloved light becomes the death of them.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Braille Illustration # 24

I found this dragonfly at a marina.

I found the book that the dragonfly is resting upon too. It was in front of my apartments trash can. I picked it up because I like the cover. I think I will use this book for an art project. I thought the title worked well with the dragonfly, because dragonflies are like visual songs in the sky.
This is not the only time I have found a dead dragonfly during the summer time. Once, I found one in a parking lot. It was glimmering and blue. Ants had found the dragonfly before I had, and their tiny black bodies covered bits of the larger insect. I found one another summer in the windshield wipers of my car. Once, I had a friend who would save dragonflies caught in spider webs.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Finkelstein Brothers are the Ringleaders of a Panda Bear Circus

It is not spring any more, but I can still find flowers around town.

I usually pick my flowers from public spaces, and never from the front of someones house, although it is usually tempting to do so. On the way home from the library, i found a secret trail/short cut where I found some of these flowers growing.