Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Investigation

Heres a poem I wrote a while ago (2005 probably) but recently reworked.

The Investigation:

The discovery of fourteen dead birds
each scattered at separate points
across a smooth and empty seashore
spurred me into an investigation:
"Why are there so many dead birds?"

I asked.

First, a sailor
Eyes crinkled, shielded from the sun
skin wrinkled, dragged down by gravity
chin jutted forward, nose a crooked arch
His sharp stare toward the sky
blue sheets melted into blue sheets
dead bird's relatives
dashing, darting, swirling.
His voice rumbles
vibrating and whistling
through the indentations in his throat
"Fallen birds are an omen
of cloudy skies and stormy seas."

Second, a mother
three bouncing children
twist and turn around her
energy spilling from their pores.
She cringes and cries through
the fury of their tangled movement
"Filthy Birds! Germ invested rodents of the air!
They are all diseased,
doomed for a dirty death."

Third, an amateur scientist
crouched, examining plump seas shore succulents
grouchy at my interruption
but intrigued by the question.
Lines in her face curl with thought
Rummaging through
the bent and musky pages in her head
"Every one in a while,
the water currents shift and bring with them
algae that is poison to these birds."

at the end of my query
I return to the seventh bird
in the crooked dot-to-dot line.
I stand over its body,
feathers still, no longer rustled with flight
neck bent, eyes silent
limp against the sand
flesh rotting under desolate sunlight
exposing glistening white bone.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Autumn Afternoons....

The last sunny day of autumn
I am on the bus
each seat swollen
with swaying and slumped passengers
The afternoon light tangles
in the red hair in front of me

I close my eyes
and let my eyelids
soak in the red glow around me.

Behind me a women chatters
in an unknown language
with a voice like a fan buzz in the summer
the blades shoving thick air around-
the clattering whirl of
shimmering vowels
and vibrating consonants

I imagine she is talking to an old friend
about the afternoon sky
her favorite book
her daughters first ballet lesson.

As the bus jolts and rattles underneath me
(the air alive with the murmur of low voices
and the sputter of a tired engine)

I remember a late afternoon ten years earlier-
laying on a ground that was
brittle with the gentle decay
of orange and red leaves.

The stillness of autumn
jolted by the restless quivers
of giant displaced slabs of earth
slowly shifting
underneath the jagged layer
of the earths crust

(My first earthquake)
A shuttering ground on an autumn afternoon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

End of the World

Heres a picture I made based on a dream I had about the end of the world.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Soup and Bread

I have decided to become an expert bread and soup cook. Heres my first creation:

Farina dumpling soup and easy beer bread. I got the soup recipe from a book, but here is the address to the bread: For anyone else who wants to attempt to make bread, this recipe is really quite easy. As far as the bread goes, its hard to find recipes for people who do not own a bread maker. I plan to make olive bread next!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Kitties Sweeter Than Wine!

My boyfriend David was rummaging through the newspaper when he found this:

A coupon for a dollar off for the cat show! We have three cats, so obviously we are avid cat lovers. So really, what better way to spend a Sunday than looking at a bunch of cute cats. When we got there, it looked like this:

There were two rooms full of fancy cat carriers adorned with ribbons. Every cat I saw had several ribbons draped across its carrier, which is interesting, because does that mean there are no losers? Do they make up categories of glory for those cats that do not fit any of the other categories? A lot of the ribbons I saw said things like "eighth place cat." If there are only seven other cats competing for a title, than it makes sense why there are so many ribbons. I like the idea that all the cats get lots of ribbons. It makes the competition less catty (har Har Har!!! I know, I'm pretty funny).

You may have noticed from the coupon picture that the theme of the cat show was "kitties sweeter than wine." A pretty interesting theme considering wine isn't famous for its sweet flavor. Sure, some wine is sweet, but its not a given. The cat show organizers incorporated the theme by making fairly tacky displays of plastic grapes and wine bottles. Here's an example:

Unfortunately, there were no free samples of wine. I think the show organizer's were afraid we would have a sip of wine and think "actually, this wine really is sweeter than a kitty."

I have spent a lot of time pondering the theme and I have a couple of theories.

1. Some one who helped organize the show had just had a wine tasting party a few months earlier. They went all out for this party buying loads of wine themed decorations. But of course, a party lasts only one night, while party decorations can last for eons. We live in a time where recycling and reusing is of utmost importance. So why not reuse the wine party decorations in a poorly conceived theme for the cat show!?!

2. My other theory is that maybe there some sort of historical importance that connects cats with wine. For instance, maybe in some cultures mythology, a god was craving a big goblet of wine. No mere human could bring the god wine, because they were on earth while the god was floating in the heavens. But cats are notorious for their nimble jumping skills. So, an extra skillful cat held a goblet of wine on its back and jumped to the heavens. The god finally got his wine, and he said to the cat "this wine is sweet little kitty, but it ain't sweeter than you."

Other than the baffling theme, the cat show was a lot of fun. THe cats were all adorable and the cat owners all seemed to love their cats. Here are some of those amazing kitties:

There were three cats at the show that really stood out as the most charming cats of all:

(just kidding, these are my cats, Mue Mue, Klaus and Wendel)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My First Scarf.

I have finally learned how to knit! Here is my first scarf:

Yes, it is a hideous scarf, but its my first one ever, so I am quite fond of it. I plan to just keep on getting better at knitting. I actually finished this one about a month ago and have made a couple of other more 'traditionally' good looking scarfs. I am also part of a knitting club with a couple of friends. We even have a myspace page. Heres the address :

Mue Mue either really loves my scarf or he hates it and is pulverizing it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Last time I went thrift store shopping I found whale beads and made these earrings:

Speaking of whales, here is a whale my Dad carved many years ago:

And here are some more whales:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Smokey the Bear!

The people behind the smokey the bear advertisements are geniuses:

Isn't your heart just swelling with gooey warm feelings for Smokey and his sweet animal friends?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vegetarian Sandwich Project: Experiment Two

Well, its been quite a while since I posted experiment one. So long, in fact, that one might come to the assumption that I had abandoned my project. But Alas, experiment two has been performed, and a new sandwich has come into existence: Corn, Cheese and tomato sandwich!!!!

The ingredients are, bread, can of corn, Italian salad dressing, cheese, mayo and a tomato.

The procedure is rather simple.
1. Pop bread in toaster. Toast ever so lightly.
2. MIx can of corn with italian dressing.
3. Plop corn on to toast.
4. Slice cheese and cover corn. Cover cheese with tomato slices.

5. Put into toaster over until cheese is melted and gooey.
6. Put mayo on bare piece of bread, but on top of the rest of the sandwich.

7. Now your finished.

Now for the review. After several bites, I realized my second experiment was not tasty. In fact , it was a failure of an experiment. Why go through all the trouble of explaining how to create this sandwhich when its not even worth making? Well, to be true to science I must outline the steps I took. Therefore, future experimenters can look upon my work and see what not to do.

A failed experiment is always a little discouraging but hopefully my next sandwhich will taste better.