Monday, June 30, 2008

Brontosauros and Birds....

I am starting a new theme of pictures: "Dinosaurs and Birds." Here is the first one.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pelican Paintings...

Here are two more paintings from my 'bizarre maritime world' themed paintings.....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Circus

I found a picture I drew a while ago of a girl at the circus with a hippo. I've decided I want to make a bunch of circus themed pictures. So far I only have this tiger to add.......

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marker Snapshots

Here are some new pictures I drew with markers!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Soltice Parade and Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice Parade in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. I missed going to it last year (and have only lived here for a little over a year) but the impression I had about the parade from other peoples descriptions was not quite the truth of the parade. I thought this parade consisted of naked people with body paint riding their bikes. In fact, there weren't very many naked people nor bike riders. There were however, lots of cool costumes and colorful floats. Here are some photos of the parade!

I also took pictures of strangers dogs:

I started taking pictures of strangers dogs when I noticed an adorable dog across the street from me. The parade hadn't started and I was eager to start taking pictures, so I snapped a photo of the dog. Then, I noticed another cute dog! After that, it sort of became like a mix between a scavenger hunt and a game: How many pictures of strangers dogs can I take with out the owner noticing and becoming creeped out. When there is the prospect of naked people in body paint parading past you at any moment, nobody notices the girl taking a picture of your dog.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Black and White Horror Movies...

Here's a poem I wrote a couple of years ago and recently modified.....

From midngiht to six am
The TV is illuminated with the flickering images
of black and white horror movies
from the 1930's.

Inside, the walls glow with shades of gray
outside, the winter storms blow bare branches
that scrape the side of the house
like screeching whines of vampire bats
swooping through the black and white skies

the world was different then-
Fears fluttered from town to town
lurked in abandoned alleys and empty bars.
Thin wisps of ghosts slithered from ear to ear
whispering sinister promises

All the collective fears
were brought to life on screen

vampires and monsters
trudged through murky nights.
Smoke from the crooked castle chimneys
curled upward and gnarled the smooth sky
and the moon was glazed with and ashy screen.

I pretend I was born in 1910
I had a childhood of true life ghost stories
and days of reading the yellow pages of horror books
these old movies were the first horror movies I had ever seen
and the murky images flashing on screen
send shivers tingling up my spine

But reality easily stifles the shivers
watching the vampires eyes glow with demon fury
does not send sharp ripples of fear
colliding with my nerves.
I close my eyes and try to will the fear
to creep into my consciousness
but those shadows have collapsed long ago.

I am left with the rumble of thoughts
folding over each other
until I sink into dusty dreams
that intertwine with the fuzzed hum
of vampire conversations.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer and Sring: Two Good Seasons

Happy first day of summer!

And since I am on the topic of seasons, here are some spring photos. During the Autumn, I took a picture of this tree everyday as it changed color and lost its leaves. Now here it is growing back its leaves. It is nice to have that tree looking sprite again, but it does impair the view from my balcony a bit. During the winter, I can see two radio towers that have slowly blinking red lights. I find these lights oddly comforting, so I will miss them. Also, this tree covers my view of Mt. Rainer in all its shimmering snow-capped glory. In the long run, a blocked view is a small price to pay if it means I can stop suffering through constant cold and dreary days.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Music and Memory, Part One

Here is a poem I wrote two or three ago:

Music and Memory, Part One

The speakers crackle with bursts of
melody and instrumental hiccups
dangle in the air and smack against the walls
before erupting into splashes of insinuated melancholy
that seep through my ears and trickle through my body
itching my internal organs and bones
until I am completely filled with this one song

And I remember this song like
I remember my mother's face
back then, her face was still absorbing
the shocked laughter of life
like each moment was her own creation.

I have seen her face so many times since,
curved and curled with anger, pride, happiness, disappointment
seen it slowly marked with lines
watched the reflection in her eyes
mimic images in a way they never used to.
Every faces she's ever had is always with me.

When this song is within me
cradling me with soothing arches of sound
flowing in and out of my ears
the memories that rest at the edge of my mind
are provoked into spastic flickers
that stab through the blue sheet lacing my mind
until I am no longer here, in this room
I am back to the first time I heard this song

on the roof with you
watching our breaths escape from our mouths
and inflate into loose shapes
before dispersing into to the belly of the winter night

Through the window opening to the roof
we listen to the song twist though the air
as we talk about everything we have ever known.