Thursday, December 13, 2007

Maritime Paintings

Here are some paintings I've been working on. These are the first twenty but I plan to make a total of hundred in this series. I want to do a hundred because I like the idea of being obsessive about one theme. They are painted on watercolor paper that is 11 inhces by 15 inches. I used watercolors and acrylic paints.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me since i started eating cheese again...

..... It snowed!!! It was amazing! I have only seen snow falling once before in my life, and that was only five years ago when I was 19. I went to the snow with friends the day before christmas break began. We didn't have sleds so we used large pieces of card board and boogie boards. The snow was streaked with blue from the print on the card board. I didn't have snow shoes so I wore converse. Probably one of my dumbest ideas. I got pneumonia that school year, but not until three months later so the snow adventure was not the cause. I think it was just a year of poor decisions regarding clothes and the weather conditions. The whole time we were sledding, the sky had been clear but as we were walking back to the car, the sky became blotted with clouds. At that point my feet felt stiff and numb. I felt like I could have walked on a prickly cactus without feeling any pain. I think this is what it would feel like to be a troll. I imagine trolls having tough and heavy feet. Trolls are always wondering around in forests and in all the pictures I've seen, they are always depicted with bare feet. But I stopped cringing over the discomfort of my troll feet as soon as the snow started. It started just as we were leaving!

This time when it snowed, I could see it right out my window! Of course, I didn't spend that much time watching it from the window and instead went out in it. Its like living in a slow motion world. I feel like I should walk super slow to keep pace with the snow. I've only lived in Seattle for nine months, so I have not been here for the winter yet. But apparently I have more snowy days too look forward too. Here are some pictures from that day:

After tromping around in the snow and becoming thoroughly cold, my friend came over and we knitted. He described the bus ride over and the walk to my place as a 'Narnia Adventure.' He's an expert knitter but I have never done it before so he taught me. I really wished I had some hot chocolate. I would have felt like I was a character in a story if I had been knitting on a snowy day and drinking hot chocolate. Here is the beginning of my first ever scarf! Its pretty shabby looking so far, but I imagine I'll get better with practice.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

An Old Children's Book

My friend gave me this old children's book for my birthday a couple of years ago. It has some beautiful illustrations that I wanted to share. I can't read the language it is written in, so I can't say who created the art and story, but i have included the title page.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Last week at this time, I was worried about this little fellow:

Wendel! He was gone over night. Wendel has always been an indoor cat, so he does not know what to expect from the outdoor world. I bet it was scary and amazing! He came home the next day smelling like perfume. His coat was smooth and clean. I am almost positive somebody gave him a bath. Unless over night Seattle was showered with miracle rain that smelled like old women's perfume and cleaned dirty fur coats. It situations like this where having a cat that can speak english would come in handy. He could tell me about all his misadventures and about how he aquired his perfume smell.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Crab Cage Photos

This photo was taken a while ago but I just recently decided to mess around with the colors. I have too much fun messing around with colors of photo's on the computer! I like the effect of these photos colored, except it reminds me a tad bit of a cover to a cheesy novel. Maybe about too lovers from Maine. The woman is fun-loving, and she owns a business that sells county kitsch to tourists. The man is dark and brooding with a sensitive side. Then, the two of them some how get separated and the man becomes a crab fisherman. Its a dangerous job, and he gets his leg amputated by a shark. In the mean time, the women marries somebody else, who she doesn't really love. Then, the two lovers meet again. There is turmoil (due to the marriage, and the mans self consciousness about his leg), but it is a romance novel, so in the end they are live happily ever after.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Braille Illustration #1

At my favorite antique store in Eureka, I bought a pad of braille paper for one dollar! I've had the pad for a while, but I am going to start making art on it. Heres the first one:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Three Animal Poems....

Here are three poems. The first two I wrote a while ago and just revised. The third is recent and I'll probably revise it later. It is easier to revise after time has passed. They are all about animals but they are also all about the night.

Frogs, a Study in Three Parts.


drops drill through the bellies of clouds
plummet downward
swallowing air molecules and drifting particles of dust,
land and huddle
between rounded edges of leaves
before slithering toward gravity.

A single frog cautiously totters-
(a hop, a twitch of the head, and another hop)
to the cement walkway in front of my house.
I open the door
gleaming buzzing light
tangles with the gray twilight,
exposing the frog.
First- a hunching clump of indistinguishable matter
with more focus- delicate arches of bent legs
covered by leathery skin
grease stained eyes and softly pulsating chest.


Restless scurry of Saturday night energy
filling the apartment with a gurgling clamor
drunken chatter erupting into laughter

I sneak from the humid room to the back porch
cold air blows the clinging remains of warmth off my skin.
Already there, two men, smoking and swaying
sputtering a mixture of wobbled laughter and grunts

Underneath their voices a cracked croak dissolves into the night
followed by soft echoes
that transform into raging bursts
until the night is split open
and the only thing that exists
is the orchestra
of a hundred frogs swallowing in the dark
and spitting out
their ancient glow of rattled sound.


I Brush through the open aired shadows
a rumbled croak vibrates through the sleep dazed silence
and my eyes find a hunched form on the sidewalk.
a frog!
I lean down

all I see-
a withered winter leaf.

The Cat

My bedroom window is open
cool breeze brushes past curtains
tickling the walls.

The echo of a woman’s voice
travels from across the street
following the wind inside my room.
“I’m not going to chase you inside!
You can stay out all night for all I care.”
The thud of her front door
bounces through the quiet neighborhood.

I stick my head out the window.
A white cat
Illuminated with blue shine
under the eerie glow of the moon.

He flicks his tail against the sidewalk
squeezes eyes into yellow slits
with a sharp toothed yawn
fills his lungs with he last air of winter.

The woman peers out the window,
Glaring at the cats back.
Blinds slide shut
the cats last glance back-
lamp light gleam
shines in long stripes
through gaps in blinds.

I go outside and sit on the porch
watch the cat-
one leg points toward the sky
he lazily lick his belly.

“Kitty Kitty.”
My tongue clicks against the roof of my mouth
the only sound slicing through the quiet night.
He stares at me
twists upward and slinks into the shadows.
Moonlight traces his white fur into the distance
and the light fizzles into darkness.

I watch the clear night
breath billows from my mouth
and disperses into empty space.

The Moth

She was raised in a household
of tromps to church in the snow
and where all earthy excitement
was reached through prayer.
So cigarettes on Sundays
set her into a fit
of rebellious giggles.

“Even better at 3 am in the morning.”
She whispered, the cigarette
wobbling between her lips.

We took walks in the night
to see the town transformed-
The movement and noise
that sunlight exposed
was hushed to the murmur of wind.

The sidewalks were still
and the streets were empty,
except for the occasional car
rumbling past us.
Condensation clinging to the inside of its windows
and low music droning with the engine.

Somewhere past the first row of roofs
we could hear another sign of life.
A clamor of a party.
Teenagers, or twenty-somethings
all scrunched into a house
with their sweat and their laughter,
All the noise they generated
spilling into he streets.

closer, another thud-
A white moth
trapped inside a darkened store
beat its wings against the glass
toward the quivering street lights

We watched the moth
its breath hovering
in its fur covered exoskeleton
wings slap and pound-
erupting with momentum toward the light.
I imagine the window cracking.
crumbling to dust
and the moth dashing toward the light.
If all the electric lights
diminished to darkness,
nothing could stop the moth
from flying to the moon.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ink Drawings

I drew these pictures and painted them with drawing ink.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Stuff Up On Etsy

I put shirts up on my Etsy site with these silk screen prints:

and a shirt with this felt owl:

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I drew these ghosts and colored them with drawing ink.